Three Temples Under God quest guide – Disciples: Liberation

Seek holy purity by cleansing the temples for Mother Jehanne.


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Three Temples Under God is a sidequest you can find while searching the Plains of Widows in Disciples: Liberation. When you reach the Church of the Highfather, venture inside to find an NPC by the name of Mother Jehanne. She will task you with cleansing the three temples of the unwelcome cultists who have taken them over.

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After receiving the quest, you will need to locate the three temples. They are:

  • Temple of Gallean
  • Temple of Soloniel
  • Temple of Bethrezen

The Temple of Bethrezen is nearby. When you leave the Church of the Highfather, go to the right travel across the bridge. Take the left path, and it will lead to the church.

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You can actually end the quest early by going to the Temple of Bethrezen first. Choose the dialogue options that don’t lead to fighting, and the NPC out front will ask you to bring Mother Jehanne to the church. If you do, you can head back to Mother Jehanne and receive your rewards. She will go to the church, and if you return later, you will find out that she was sacrificed.

The Temple of Soloniel is near where you enter the Plains of Widows. You can locate the temple by following the farmland. You may have talked to the NPC here while searching the area earlier.

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The Temple of Gallean is southeast of Equishiem (the small town you pass through on the way to the Church of the Highfather). Take the road south and follow it to the right to find the temple.

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Once you are done cleaning the temples, you will need to return to Mother Jehanne for your reward.