How to solve the mystery of the stones at Oina Beach – Octave of the Maushiro guide – Genshin Impact

A trip to the beach.

The Mystery of the Stones at Oina Beach is the second puzzle that players will need to solve as part of the Octave of the Maushiro quest. Ruu will request that players help him solve some mysteries around the island, and players will need to use the new Peculiar Pinion item to help him out, and this is the second stop on that journey.

After finishing up at Wakukau Shaol, players can make their way to the Oina Beach waypoint. They will need to watch another short conversation play out between two spirits. Once this is complete, players will notice some statues nearby, some glowing symbols in the ground, and some tracks running between the statues and those symbols.

To solve this puzzle, players need to slide the totems down to match the slabs on the ground that have the same symbols. It is actually quite easy to do. Once we understand that the totems cannot move through each other, and we look closely at the layout, it is clear what needs to happen.

Screenshot by Gamepur

All players need to do is find the totem with the symbol shown above and move that into the right place. This will take two moves. After that, all other symbols can be moved into place with a single move and can be without needing to move through any other totem. The embedded video above will show exactly how to do it for those that need further help.

Once that is complete, players can move on to the next part of the quest at Autake Plains, where they will need to solve yet another stone puzzle.