Tianqiu Treasure Trail world quest – Genshin Impact

National treasure.

Image via miHoYo

The Tianqiu Treasure Trail is a new World Quest that you can get in Genshin Impact. Visit Liyue Harbor, and head for the Adventurer’s Guild. Lan, the NPC that hangs out near there will have a new quest for you. She will be marked by a blue exclamation point.

Speak with Lan to begin the quest, and she will tell you about some potential treasure to be found. The first thing you will need to do is travel to a point near the Dunyu Ruins. When you get there, you will find a group of Hilichurls that you need to defeat. Doing so will get you a secret Treasure Map.

The Treasure Map will show a new area that you will need to go explore much closer to the Dunyu Ruins. There will be a small red x showing you exactly where to go. The general area will be marked by a yellow circle on your in-game map.

Head over there, gliding is the quickest way, and search the area. You will find some scrolls on a fallen stone slab beside a campsite. Interact with it to get even more clues. This time you will get a message that says “A Giant tree, flourishing and lush. Within, it holds a previous stash. Right in the middle, follow the road. Seek, and the riches shall be bestowed. With so many steps to climb for good measure, descend and you shall find the hidden treasure.

Three new locations will be marked by small yellow circle on your minimap, and you will need to explore all three. If you find a small, arrow pointing downwards, dig in that spot to uncover a chest. When you get all three chests you can return to Lan and hand in the quest.

As a reward, you will get 30000 Mora, 3 Hero’s Wit, and the new Parametric Transformer item.