Tips for playing Spiderbot Arena in Watch Dogs: Legion Online

Don’t become scrap metal.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Watch Dogs: Legion Online gives you plenty of ways to work with other players against the regime oppressing London and boost your XP at the same time. However, it also gives you a single mode to battle it out against other players using modified Spiderbots. But it isn’t easy. Here, we’ll cover some tips to get you started in the Spiderbot Arena and prevent you from becoming scrap metal on a regular basis.

Aim high

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The arena has two levels to it. The first is the ground floor, scattered with a few pillars of various heights and boxes containing weapons. The second is the square of scaffolding above the arena.

Get up here as soon as possible. There are four points for weapons or health to spawn, and you’ll avoid almost all incoming damage. Most other players will run around frantically looking for something to shoot on the ground floor. In the meantime, you can pick up some missiles and splatter them all from above.

Make the most of tracking weapons

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Most weapons require you to do all the work when it comes to aiming and landing shots. There’s an incredibly powerful laser that destroys enemies in a single hit. It’s completely useless if you can’t fix your sights on your target, though.

That’s why you need to make the most of tracking weapons, such as the missile. There are a couple of these that you can pick up from any box in a given match. You’ll know you’ve got one because the aiming reticule goes red when it’s over an enemy Spiderbot. With these weapons, you can fire off a shot in any direction, and it’ll track the enemy regardless. Using these will get you far more kills than with the basic weapon, or any of the ones without tracking, for that matter.

Shotgun afterburn

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The shotgun is an underrated weapon. While it doesn’t have tracking sights, it makes up for that with a burn effect that will devastate your foes. If you land a shot with this weapon, the enemy Spiderbot will continue to take a good chunk of damage for about two seconds after.

Using the shotgun, you can easily take down a Spiderbot with full health in as few as two or three shots. Never shy away from a chance to use it.

Pick up everything

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You’ll dash past a lot of pickups in each Spiderbot Arena match. There are two situations you might find yourself in when you see one. The first is that you have a terrible weapon that you know you can’t land hits with. The second is that you have a fantastic weapon that tracks enemies and will get you a couple of kills.

In the second instance, always leave the weapon boxes. In the first instance, pick up every weapon box you see until you get one that you like. You need to think of this as any Mario Kart player would. The more boxes you pick up, the fewer there are for enemies to take. This hinders them, and at the very least, you’ll have a slightly better weapon than your base attack to try to take them down with.

Regardless of what weapon you have, you should grab every health pickup you see. These are purple hearts that restore your health. Once again, the more you take, the fewer there are for others. You might not see the Spiderbot that’s suffering without the health for 30 seconds or so, but when you do, you’ll have maintained an advantage over them that results in you getting another kill under your belt.

The only good killstreak is a shield

Image via Ubisoft

There are three killstreaks in the Spiderbot Arena. They work in a similar way to most multiplayer games. At two kills, you get a reveal killstreak. This reveals the position of all other players in the match. Since you need a decent weapon to take down any enemies, knowing where they are doesn’t help much.

At four kills, you get a supercharge killstreak. This boosts your jump height and weapon damage for a short time. As long as you can land shots, this can be extremely powerful. However, the jittery nature of the aiming in the game makes it almost useless to most.

The final killstreak is the shield, which you get at six kills. This makes you impervious to damage for 30 seconds or so. Players can shoot you with lasers at point-blank range, and nothing will happen. Though, you will be able to gun them down. This is the only killstreak worth having. More importantly, if you see another Spiderbot with a glowing blue aura around it, turn around and run in the other direction to preserve your killstreak.