Titan Behemoth subclass guide – Destiny 2

Change the battlefield.

Destiny 2

The Titan Behemoth subclass will arrive in Destiny 2 with the Beyond Light expansion. The Behemoth can freeze enemies, but can also create crystalline walls that block off enemies or provide protection from incoming damage.

Behemoth Super

The Behemoth’s Super is called Glacial Quake and creates a Stasis gauntlet on their first. This can be used to slam the ground, sending shockwaves that form Stasis crystals and freezing enemies. The Titan also becomes covered in Stasis crystals and can move fast, smashing enemies to pieces with the Gauntlet. Frozen enemies are shattered into pieces if struck by the gauntlet.

Behemoth Melee

The Titan Behemoth can unleash a powerful melee attack known as the Shiver Strike. The Titan lunges forward, launched by a Stasis explosion at their feet to propel them towards an enemy. While in mid-air, they summon a Stasis gauntlet that covers their fist and then slams into their foe, sending them careening backward and slowing nearby enemies.

Each Stasis subclass in Beyond Light will give players the ability to customize abilities like grenades, movement modes, and class abilities. On top of that comes a new layers of customization called Aspects.

Aspects will appear in the game as items you can find and pick up, and can then be equipped to alter how different elements of your subclass work, and can even open up new abilities for you to choose from. These Aspects can be altered with Fragments, another physical item you can find in the world. Fragments will change

Behemoth Aspects

Tectonic Harvest

Shattering a Stasis crystal creates a Stasis shard. This shard grants melee energy when picked up by you or allies.

Behemoth Fragments

Whisper of Durance

Slow from your abilities lasts longer. For these abilities that linger their duration will also increase. (+10 Strength)


Glacier Grenade – Upon contact with the ground, a wall of Stasis crystals instantly burst from the earth and nearby enemies are frozen inside Stasis crystal. These grenades have multiple uses – from encasing enemies to creating cover. When destroyed, the crystals will create AoE burst damage to nearby enemies.
Coldsnap Grenade – Upon impact with the ground or an enemy, this grenade unleashes a wave of Stasis energy that races along the ground in the direction of the closest nearby enemy, freezing them and then searching out the next nearby foe. You can freeze up to three enemies with a single Coldsnap Grenade. 
Duskfield Grenade – Duskfield Grenades create powerful Stasis fields that suck enemies into them when forming. Once an enemy is caught inside, they will be slowed and, if unable to make it out in time, frozen in place.

As more information about this subclass is released, we will update this guide.