A Guide to Poké Jobs in Pokémon Sword and Shield


An interesting twist in the Galar region is that Pokémon are so integrated into society and the economy that they can get Poké Jobs. This allows you to send your Pokémon on jobs to earn EXP. You can check out available Poké Jobs by using the Rotomi console in a Pokémon Center.

Poke Jobs

Each assignment will have a preferred type of Pokémon that they want to do a job, so make sure you are sending the right types and are matching the best Pokémon up with the available jobs. Some jobs will give you the chance to send multiple Pokémon, allowing you to earn EXP for more than one Pokémon at a time.

Jobs Menu

Poké Jobs take some time to complete, and when they are done, the Pokémon will return to their PC Boxes. The length of the job will also dictate how much EXP your Pokémon earns. The longer the job, the more EXP. You can find the in-game time description, and the equivalent real-world time, below:

  • A little while – 1 hour
  • Very short – 2 hours
  • Short – 3 hours
  • Long – 4 hours
  • Very long – 8 hours
  • Half-day – 12 hours
  • Whole day – 24 hours

Each Poké Job will also have stars to indicate how much EXP it is worth. The more stars the job has, the more EXP there is to be earned.

One of the best things about Poké Jobs is that your Pokémon may return with items or even some extra money. These items can be rare, so make sure you check the available Poké Jobs, because you never know what your Pokémon might come back with.