Best Weapons In Fortnite OG Map Season: All Weapons Tier List

Prepare for Fortnite OG Map Season with our tier list, your guide to the ins and outs of the weapon lineup, from the classics to the game-changer—Chug Jugs.


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Since the early stages of Fortnite’s campaign spanning various Chapters and Seasons, the Vault has alternately granted and withdrawn different weapons for players’ use. Occasionally, weapons are Vaulted, removed from Fortnite’s main gameplay, for the sake of balance.

In this latest and greatest season of Fortnite, we have a lot of the OG gear back from the vault. It is an entirely new meta, allowing for Chug Jugs instead of sealing one of the greatest healing items away in the vault. We have an all weapons tier list below to let you know what’s coming back and which items are still the most useful or useless in the Fortnite OG Map Season.

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Fortnite OG Best Weapons Tier List

Fortnite AR is A Tier Weapon
Image by Epic Games

A Tier

If Season 1 got anything right, it was the basics. Having all the basic guns around in an isolated situation with the OG Fortnite is a great sight, mainly if you played as part of the more convoluted seasons before. No longer are good shotguns vaulted for no reason, and some of the most fun items to use are back, hopefully to stay.

  • AR: It’d be hard to have a good season without the AR. The standard gun is practically never Vaulted, so it’s good to see it in the main game.
  • Chug Jug: One of the best, if not the best, restorative items in the game. It may take a long time to administer, but we’re all generally happy to see the Chug Jub back in the game.
  • Hunting Rifle: With long-range and single, defining, highly damaging shots, the Hunting Rifle is a great choice to bring back for those who are not quite snipers but don’t like the spammy way of spraying weapons.
  • Pistol: Not a single Fortnite round would be the same without a Pistol. Keeping a grey one on you during a round is an excellent way to set some self-imposed difficulty.
  • SMG: Another weapon no one expected to get Vaulted, the SMG is a solid choice for A Tier. Spray potential gives everyone a standard gun to use besides the AR.
  • Boogie Bomb: The Boogie Bomb ranks highly because of its enjoyable use. Winning rounds with these are always fun to watch, even if you aren’t dishing out funky vengeance yourself.
  • Rocket Launcher: If you need a good old-fashioned way to take out an entire tower, a Rocket Launcher is the surest way to do it. The only issue is finding bullets, but since the loot for this season is a little thin, they shouldn’t be too hard to find in the Fortnite OG Map.
  • Hand Cannon: Much like the Hunting Rifle and Pistol, the Hand Cannon is a great and simple way to take out opponents with discrete, powerful shots.
  • Pump Shotgun: The true king of shotguns, the Pump is the classic everyone uses, having more utility than heavier models. It never got vaulted like the Tactical Shotgun and remains a staple of the game going forward.
  • Bush: Hiding in a bush is a valuable tactic for the end game if you’re good at hiding. That’s why the Bush is an A Tier item, being unique among everything available.
  • Supply Drop: Supply Drops are surefire ways to success, being less evasive than a Loot Llama and more guaranteed to give you the equipment you need in a tight battle for the top.
  • Loot Llama: While it is hard to box in if you aren’t the best builder, the Loot Llama makes it into top spots because of how much of a benefit it can be to an entire team.
  • All Terrain Kart: The All Terrain Kart makes the list due to how convenient it is, as well as being an easily findable vehicle when you need something in a pinch.
  • Shopping Cart: This is the item everyone wanted to return for the longest time, more out of silliness than anything g else. Despite being a whimsical vehicle for players, it makes for a good sneak and speed, hit-and-run ordeal for duos.
  • Quad Crashers: This two-seater vehicle is returning to serve up destruction. It makes the top of the list for having the maneuverability of a Go Kart with much more destructive power welded in.
  • Driftboard: Returning is the Driftboard, an item introduced in Season 7 and going strong as a great item to have in the OG Season. This fast vehicle is excellent for solo matches and can zip you around more conveniently than a motorcycle ever could.

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B Tier

Fortnite P90 is B Tier Weapon
Image by Epic Games

B Tier items are still necessary, but not as knock-out as our first set for this season. Of course, just because they’re B Tier doesn’t make them any less necessary, as a game full of Chug Jugs and ARs and nothing else would get pretty boring quickly.

  • Burst AR: Burst shots differentiate this model from the original AR, making it better if you enjoy less spray-reliant tactics. The
  • Scoped AR: Just the AR, but more far-reaching. This one makes B Tier simply because of the utility, having a bit more flex than your standard scoped weapon.
  • Scar: The Scar is a deadly weapon if you like using weapons beyond the AR and standard Pistol/Shotgun combo. The Scar is great for getting shields and health down in close quarters but doesn’t quite replace the shotgun as a niche.
  • Med Kit: Everyone dropping in Fortnite needs a Med Kit as soon as they land. Having one guarantees you out of bruises, even if your health gets stolen early in the game. And without the HP Spray present in this map, the Med Kit is more necessary than ever.
  • Suppressed SMG: The Suppressed SMG is great as an AR replacement if you can’t find one. A concentrated spray area makes the SMG a valuable asset, almost being on par with the AR as a reliable mid-range gun.
  • Suppressed AR: Like the AR, but more precise, this medium to long-range weapon is great for more subtle attacks. Since this version of the AR is suppressed, it can’t be seen on compasses, nor can it be heard from a long distance away..
  • Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle: The Semi-Auto Sniper rifle comes with a medium-sized scope and is as slow reloading and firing as snipers come.
  • Six Shooter: The Six Shooter is, as you might suspect, a six-shot pistol that operates like a standard handgun. The Six Shooter stands out because it can be fired in two separate ways, either quickfire from the hip or in a regular, slower way that offers more accuracy when you aim.
  • Clinger: The Clinger is a contact bomb that explodes after a few seconds. It makes the cut because if you can manage to stick this explosive friend on an enemy, it’ll change the entire dynamic of their priorities quickly.
  • Dynamite: Dynamite returns this season, bringing all the explosive power you need to take down the base of tower-enemies’ operations. While it is a tad outclassed by grenades, they pack a better punch.
  • Grappler: The Grappler is a great item that makes B-Tier for navigation alone. In games with zero gravity, the Grappler is a godsend, helping control your trajectory with precision.
  • Grapple Glove: Like the Grappler, the Grapple Glove is a multi-use item that you can use to navigate from place to place. The only thing keeping this thing out of A-Tier is that it overheats if you use it too frequently, which can be an obstacle if you’re using it to make a quick escape.
  • Bounce Pad: The Bounce Pad is the ultimate get-away card that you can have in your arsenal. It provided excellent air-time and some decent distance if you needed to flee a scene or cover distance to get to the circle in record time.
  • P90: The P90 is a compressed, tight-niche gun. In comparison to the AR and the Suppressed SMG, filling the role of the Compact SMG and replacing the Submachine Gun.
  • Bolt Sniper: The Bolt Sniper is a great, standard sniper, slow but reliable. It stays in the standard B Tier because it fills the sniper niche without taking too many liberties one way or the other.
  • Heavy Sniper: The Heavy Sniper is just the Bolt Sniper but with a heavier shot and a very slow reload sequence. It does more damage to vehicles than any other sniper, making it great for taking out vehicles on the run.
  • Tactical Shotgun: With a wider range than your standard Shotgun, the Tac makes it solidly into the B Tier because of how useful it can be during close encounters.
  • Big Shield: Big Shields are absolutely necessary for any game of Fortnite; you are able to restore your shield completely after you use as many Mini Shields as possible.
  • Mini Shield: Were it not for Mini Shields, it would be hard to restore your shield from any given encounter. While they can’t restore your Shield fully on their own, they can make enough headway to make a difference in your next encounter.
  • Bandages: Like Mini Shields, Banages is the smaller version of the bigger item, the Med Kit. They can only heal you so much, but their place in the Royale is unmistakable.
  • Heavy Shotgun: The Heavy Shotgun fires one solid hit instead of a spray like the Tac. Accuracy is the name of the game when using the Heavy Shotgun since the spread isn’t desirable for shooting off the hip.
  • Double Barrel Shotgun: Similarly to the Heavy Shotgun, the Double Barrel Shotgun is great for close encounters. With short range and small magazines, the Double Barrel is meant for two shots and no more to deal maximum damage to opponents in a short time.
  • Shockwave Grenade: The Shockwave Grenade, or as most may know it, the Impulse Grenade, is a grenade that can throw you, or anyone else, flying in a direction depending on the point of impact. It’s great for escaping situations or forcing enemies who know how to aim a little too well away from you.

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C Tier

Fortnite Port-A-Fort C Tier Item
Image by Epic Games

The final Tier in our list is C Tier, which is reserved for useful items but sometimes not compatible with most Fortnite players’ play styles. Some of these items have been Vaulted before, only coming out for special occasions or specific map situations.

  • Stink Grenade: The Stink Grenade is a great way to lure camping players out of hiding. The damage it does within the cloud of impact is only about nine damage a second, which is enough to encourage even the most ill-aimed opponent out of their bunker.
  • Rift-To-Go: Rift-To-Go summons a rift that teleports you out of trouble. Like the Shockwave Grenade, this can make for a great escape card.
  • Port-A-Fort: Port-A-Fort is, just as it sounds, a portable fortress that you can use at any time. For the quick cover, it’s excellent, but a quick pair of builder’s hands can make towers like that in seconds.
  • Grenade: The Grenade is great for taking down forts but for little else. Chucking a grenade doesn’t work against those who have guns at the ready, only being useful for chance situations and of course, taking out forts from the base.
  • Damage Trap: The Damage Trap is a good item, but only if you can trap people. Most of the time, your enemies may be clever enough to get out of it.
  • Chiller Trap: the Chiller Trap is another item that relies on your enemies’ lack of spatial awareness. Instead of doing damage, it freezes players’ feet, restricting their movement.
  • Cozy Campfire: This Campfire is good, but only if you can find it. Otherwise, the item is very useful, healing for 50 health in 25 seconds.