Top 10 OG Fortnite Skins From Chapter 1

Only OGs will have some of these early Season Fortnite skins.

Image by Epic Games

Image by Epic Games

Fortnite is one of the longest-running battle royale games out there. With that age comes value, with OG Fortnite skins, especially from Chapter 1, becoming more enticing to veteran players as seasons pass.

If a skin is part of a Battle Pass, other players can’t earn it outside of that specific gameplay window. Even if a skin is available in the Item Shop, there’s no guarantee you’ll see it again. Some skins have a rarity status because they don’t appear in the shop or haven’t been available to purchase for over 1,000 days. This guide covers all the rare skins you can get in OG Fortnite, especially if you were one of the game’s earliest players.

10. Skull Trooper

Fortnite Skull Trooper Skin
Image by Epic Games

Skull Trooper is probably one of the most “common” rare skins. The excellent part about Skull Trooper is that he was never exclusive to a Battle Pass, which means you can obtain him anytime he pops into the item shop (normally around Halloween). Introduced in Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 1, this skin has been around since the game’s genesis, much like many others on this list.

However, if you were one of the lucky few who purchased Skull Trooper when he initially entered the item shop, you will have a special purple variant that latecomers can’t obtain.

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9. Renegade Raider

Fortnite Renegade Raider Skin
Image by Epic Games

This is the first skin that many Fortnite fans think of when asked to name a rare skin. Renegade Raider was part of the Season 1 “Battle Pass,” placing her in infamy from day 1. Despite being a pretty tame reskin of one of the standard skins you receive in the default rotation, it didn’t keep fans from obtaining it in the early days. Now it’s a beloved reminder of the first Seasons, with over 60k wishlist slots on Fortnite GG.

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8. Aerial Assault Trooper

Fortnite Aerial Assault Trooper Skin
Image by Epic Games

Aerial Assault Trooper, just like Renegade, is a Season 1 “Battle Pass” Skin. There’s no chance to see it around in the shop, as only those who were part of Chapter 1 Season 1’s Battle Pass have it now. Like Raider, it’s a reskin of the default you can receive every time you drop. In the early days of Fortnite, before crossovers were even a thought, remixing the default skins was the main way to offer unique placeholders for those habitually playing Fortnite.

7. Black Knight

Fortnite Black Knight Skin
Image by Epic Games

During the early days of Fortnite, Black Knight was one of the most popular Battle Pass skins you would see around. Chapter 1 Season 2 is when a lot more of the player base came on board, and therefore plenty bought the Battle Pass where Black Knight awaited. Black Knight is still very much a rare skin, being wishlisted over 30k times on Fortnite GG.

In addition to having a reputation as a pro-player skin in the early game, its status as a Battle Pass skin of veterans remains strong and tall. This is mainly due to it being the first real tier 100 skin, and reaching the end of a Battle Pass was much harder back then than it is today.

6. Ghoul Trooper

Fortnite Ghoul Trooper Skin
Image by Epic Games

One of the earliest skins you could get in Fortnite, Ghoul Trooper, was early to the Seasons, decorating the store with its presence. While you can still buy the Ghoul Trooper, its infamy as a Season 1 skin makes it stand out among the thousands of others. There’s nothing to stand out about the Ghoul Trooper aesthetically, but the Chapter 1 Season 1 status is enough to carry it through for a few points for those who recognize it.

5. Royale Bomber

Image by Epic Games

Royale Bomber is such a rare skin for an even more elusive reason than a Battle Pass. It first became available during Chapter 1 Season 4, as a downloadable skin that you could acquire with a code. Even during the height of this skin’s popularity, getting it was a tedious task. Now, since the code can no longer be redeemed, Royale Bomber remains one of the rarest skins to have in your locker out there.

4. Sparkle Specialist

Fortnite Sparkle Skin
Image by Epic Games

Sparkle is one of the last skins you obtained as part of Season X’s Battle Pass, right before the Chapters were made known. It may not be a skin from Season 4 or prior, but it’s still relatively rare to see. Because it rests at the end of Season X’s Battle Pass, you only received it if you played a decent amount during that season. Since the first ten seasons were implemented before the idea of Chapters came to be, Sparkle Specialist is pretty rare compared to the skins that have come after.

3. Dark Voyager

Fortnite Dark Voyager Skin
Image by Epic Games

The Battle Passes from before Season 4 always have a reputation for holding a ton of now-rare skins. Dark Voyager was once a skin that almost everyone had, being in Season 4’s Battle Pass. Now, it’s a representative of a bygone age. With it being a Battle Pass exclusive, only those who were around during Season 4 can use the skin, to either reminisce or show off.

2. Zoey

Fortnite Zoey Skin
Image by Epic Games

Zoey is another Battle Pass character that was heavily used during their time in the spotlight. During Season 4, the Zoey Skin was actually used quite often in advertisements for the game. It became relatively known as an essential skin for Fortnite players, being one of the cutest skins in the Battle Pas. Since she’s part of the Battle Pass, you either have her or you don’t, and having Zoey marks you as a real OG, according to the community.

1. Reaper

Fornite Reaper Skin
Image by Epic Games

You may think this is the John Wick skin at first glance, but it’s not. The Reaper and John Wick look astoundingly similar, but the key difference between them is when each skin was introduced. The Reaper is a Battle Pass skin introduced during Season 3, while John Wick looks similar to the original actor, being a skin introduced into the item shop during Season 9. While you can certainly buy the John Wick skin, only so many players from the heyday of Season 3 have the more OG version.