Minecraft how to tame rabbits
image via Mojang Studios

Minecraft: How to Tame a Bunny Rabbit

Bunnies are one of the cutest creatures in Minecraft, don't you want to have one for yourself at your base?

Minecraft houses many different creatures for players to interact with, from adorable ones like axolotls and baby pigs, all the way to scarier beasts such as wolves. Then you’ve also got annoying animals like goats who constantly scream in the background. Some animals have great purpose in Minecraft, such as cows and pigs, as they can provide food, whereas rabbits provide a different resource. But can you tame a bunny rabbit in Minecraft? Here is everything you need to know.

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Can Rabbits Be Tamed in Minecraft?

Minecraft how to tame rabbits
Image via Mojang Studios

Many animals in Minecraft are capable of being tamed, such as foxes, parrots, or pandas. However, rabbits cannot be tamed in Minecraft. While some players can tame a dog or cat and keep it as a pet, it doesn’t work like that with rabbits. These mammals will require players a few extra steps to even somewhat come into possession of one. Being able to “own” a bunny isn’t completely off the table, though, they will simply need to be led back to a player’s base with a little extra care.

How to Tame a Rabbit in Minecraft

In order to get a rabbit back to a Minecraft base, players will need to attach a lead to the animal, but this is also pretty tricky. Bunnies will run away as soon as anyone gets close to them, no matter how many times a player tries to run after them. Rabbits will continue to run away, so attaching a lead will either have to be done very quickly or players will need to use a carrot to attract them.

Many animals in Minecraft have a favorite food, and this food can then be fed to two of the same creature to have them breed more of their kind. For rabbits, this is carrots, once a player is holding one, the bunny will follow. But we don’t trust that process too much as rabbits have been known to get distracted and then run away even while a carrot is being held out to them.

The best way to get a rabbit is by holding a carrot out to it, quickly switching to the lead, and attaching it to the rabbit before it gets the chance to dash. Now players will have a rabbit to lead back home. But be careful, though, as bunnies in the game are very fragile. They can take basically no fall damage.

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Killing rabbits doesn’t seem like a positive way to play Minecraft, but farming bunnies does have benefits. After breeding a bunch of bunnies, it might be time to harvest some of them, sadly. When players do this, they will receive what is called Rabbit Hide and Raw Rabbit, which can be used to make other things like rabbit stew which players can eat. Or, if you don’t want to harm the adorable rabbits, you can put them in a fenced-in area for safekeeping, just make so no creeps get to them.

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