5 best Field Upgrades in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies

For those iffy situations.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Field Upgrades are game-changing powers in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies that, when used properly, can save not only yours but your teammate’s lives in stressful situations. Choose which one you want to carry in a Loadout, charge it up, and take advantage of being a Dark Aether-infused superhuman as you mow down the zombies. There are eight total Field Upgrades in Black Ops Cold War’s Zombie mode. Here are the five best ones you should consider upgrading and using.

1. Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire puts, you guessed it, a ring of fire around you that will boost yours and any teammate’s damage as you stand inside it. Zombies that walk inside take fire damage over time. This Field Upgrade is arguably the most popular because of the pure power it gives you, especially after upgrading it. Make sure to eliminate all enemies within the ring before it goes down, though, or you will be in trouble. At least one person should be equipped if you are going into a main Easter egg quest boss.

Ring of Fire upgrades:

  • I: double burning damage
  • II: enemy projectiles are blocked (Mangler blasts, Megaton orbs, and Zombie bits)
  • III: ammo is taken from your reserve instead of your magazine
  • IV: burning effect has a chance to instakill
  • V: damage, burn effect, and instakill chances all increase the longer you stand inside the ring

2. Frenzied Guard

Frenzied Guard is used for taking the heat off of your teammates for a little bit. When activated, zombies will only chase you, but don’t worry about going down. Your main health can not be affected during this; all damage will be applied to your armor. Just be careful once the effect ends and you have a lot of zombies on you. Perfect for giving teammates a chance to work on Easter egg steps.

Frenzied Guard upgrades:

  • I: fully repaired armor upon use
  • II: repair armor 10% by killing enemies
  • III: enemies explode when hitting you
  • IV: increased duration to 15 seconds total
  • V: enemies only walk during the duration

3. Healing Aura

Healing Aura is the basic healing move that will send a beam of light that heals you and all your teammates. While it is not the most exciting Field Upgrade, there is obviously a lot of use for it, especially considering that it can heal teammates no matter how far away they are. Perfect for Outbreak.

Healing Aura upgrades:

  • I: healing lasts 10 seconds
  • II: beam knocks down normal enemies and momentarily stuns special and elite enemies
  • III: revives downed teammates
  • IV: revived teammates keep all perks on their decay meter (will still lose at least one perk)
  • V: beams stay active in their starting area for ten seconds and continue to heal any allies within its radius

4. Aether Shroud

Aether Shroud surrounds you in a dark cloak for a few seconds that makes you invisible to all zombie enemies. This is perfect for escaping intense situations where you get cornered by a horde and need to run. It does not help your teammates out at all unless you use it to revive someone, but at the very least, you can make sure you stay up in situations where you might have fallen normally.

Aether Shroud upgrades:

  • I: instantly reloaded ammo upon use
  • II: additional eight-second duration upon use
  • III: warped forward upon use
  • IV: increased movement speed
  • V: additional use per charge

5. Toxic Growth

Toxic Growth is an area of effect Field Upgrade that will grow out vines in a small space. Any zombies that walk through the vines are slowed down and take some damage. If you are stuck in a small space, this can be a nice tool for keeping you from being overwhelmed, especially if you combine its effects with a teammate using Ring of Fire.

Toxic Growth upgrades:

  • I: vines have double health
  • II: two uses per charge
  • III: zombies take double damage when in the vines
  • IV: three uses per charge
  • V: enemies killed in the vines explode, dealing damage to nearby zombies while also slowing them down