Top Hearthstone Rastakhan Paladin Decks – December 2018


In the latter half of 2018, Paladin has seen somewhat of a downfall since Even Paladin and Odd Paladin were both nerfed. It’s a strong class at its core, but it needs some cards to help it get back to its rightful place at the top of the Hearthstone meta. Has Rastakhan’s Rumble done enough to do that? Not definitely, but these top Hearthstone Rastakhan Paladin decks across both Standard and Wild prove that the class can still do some great work with the right pilot.

Even Paladin – Standard (yumura97)

The ongoing feud between Odd and Even Paladin rages on into Rastakhan’s Rumble, but it seems like Even may have a slight advantage this time around. Spirit of the Tiger is a huge card that allows players to spawn fairly statted minions for each spell they cast, and in a deck with two Spikeridged Steeds, two Avenging Wraths, two Consecrations and two Blessing of Kings, that’s a lot of minion generation. Mojomaster Zihi is the only other new card from this expansion included in the deck, which is great against control and combo decks.

Holy Wrath Paladin – Standard (Liquid Fr0zen)

Holy Wrath Paladin has been a concept for a long time, ever since Molten Giant was in Standard. The problem is that it was so inconsistent, you were rarely ever able to pull off the combination of Holy Wrath into Molten Giant because there was only ever one in your deck. Now though, in late 2018, Holy Wrath Paladin is back. Shirvallah, the Tiger is the new Paladin legendary minion that costs 25 mana but costs less when you play it depending on how many spells you’ve cast that game. Holy Wrath is a spell that deals damage to the target depending on the cost of the card you draw. With cards like Baleful Banker and Augmented Elekk, you can get multiple duplicates of Shirvallah, the Tiger in your deck and make Holy Wrath considerably more consistent. It doesn’t always work but when it does, Holy Wrath Paladin is fantastic.

Exodia Paladin – Wild (awedragonHS)

Is there anything more satisfying than killing your opponent instantly through a four-minion combo? No, there is not. Exodia Paladin has been possible ever since Uther of the Ebon Blade was introduced in Knights of the Frozen Throne, and it’s now even more viable in WIld. The concept is simple: play your hero power four times as Uther of the Ebon Blade and keep all four minions alive. This will insta-kill your opponent. Use cards like Auctionmaster Beardo to play more than one horseman of the apocalypse per turn, Banana Buffoon to buff them and Righteous Protector to defend them. Good stuff.