Tower of Fantasy Passion of Chocolate event guide – dates, rewards, and objectives

Up your cooking, Wanderer!

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Tower of Fantasy is running a limited-time event, Passion for Chocolate, with the release of update 2.3. As the event’s name suggests, it’s based on cooking different chocolates to impress your favorite characters on this Valentine’s Day occasion. There will be unique pieces of dialogue from all characters based on the food they like or what you serve them, which you’ll surely find charming. The event is set to last for two weeks and has plenty of rewards you do not want to skip. This Tower of Fantasy guide will tell you the event’s duration, objectives, and rewards.

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Passion for Chocolate event dates in Tower of Fantasy

The Passion for Chocolate event will run from February 2, 1 AM to February 17, 4 PM (Server Time). Please note that the timing is the same for each server region, meaning the event will start and end on the server’s time. The event will last for 15 days, so players will have plenty of time to enjoy and get rewards from it. 

Passion for Chocolate event objectives in Tower of Fantasy

In the Passion for Chocolate event daily at 5 AM (Server Time), 3 Executors arrive. You must serve their preferred chocolates (1 minimum, 3 maximum) to boost their enthusiasm. If you serve them right, you will earn crush points that help you get various rewards. Remember that some chocolates may require event-limited ingredients.

Passion for Chocolate event rewards in Tower of Fantasy

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Below are all the rewards you will get by earning crush points in the Passion for Chocolate event.

  • 20: x1 Gold Nucleus and x10 Matrix Data Pack III
  • 50: x30 Weapon Augmentation Box I and x20,000 Gold
  • 100: x1 Red Nucleus and x400 Energy Crystal Dust
  • 150: x15 Weapon Augmentation Box II and x150 Crystal Chunk
  • 200: x1 Avatar Frame: Tipsy and x1 Red Nucleus
  • 250: x20 Spacetime Crystal Fragments and x15 Weapon Augmentation Box II
  • 300: x1 Chat Bubble: Love and x10 Weapon Battery III
  • 350: x60 SR Relic Shard Box and x10 Matrix Data Pack III
  • 400: x1 Red Nucleus and x60,000 Gold
  • 500: x10 Vera Special Gift and x400 Energy Crystal Dust
  • 600: x1 Star Pastry Chef (Title) and x1 Red Nucleus
  • 700: x80 Elemental Ore Shard Box and x20 Weapon Battery III
  • 800: x50 Cluster and x100 Crystal
  • 900: x10 Vera Special Gift and x10 Matrix Data Pack III
  • 1000: x1 Gold Nucleus and x400 Energy Crystal Dust