Where to find Chocolate Molds and ingredients in Tower of Fantasy

Nothing sweeter than chocolate.

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There always seems to be a new event going on in Tower of Fantasy. One of the latest events is meant to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a major focus on chocolate. The Passion for Chocolate event has everyone collecting various items to make chocolates to give to their favorite characters. Each day, a new character shows up for you to hand out sweets to. All of these chocolates require specific ingredients and items that you can only find in specific areas. This guide will show you where to find Chocolate Molds and ingredients in Tower of Fantasy.

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How to get Chocolate Molds in Tower of Fantasy

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One of the biggest parts of making chocolate is getting the molds for them. Each of the recipes that you can make requires you to use one of three molds; square, circular, or heart-shaped. There are actually a few ways that you can obtain these molds with the first being chests scattered around Vera. Both password chests and regular chests have a chance to drop one of the three mold types.

If you don’t feel like searching the land of Vera for these molds, you can obtain them by completing events. The racing event, Flight of the Landlord, and arcade games can all get you molds to make chocolate. Finally, you can simply purchase the molds from the Chocolatier in Mirroria. The Chocolatier can be found next to the Suzhou-syle Noodle shop on Mirramoon Street in Mirroria. Each mold will cost you five Mira.

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How to get ingredients in Tower of Fantasy

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There are plenty of ingredients that you can find throughout the world of Tower of Fantasy such as Desert Melons and Jade Radishes. While some of these ingredients are needed to make chocolate for the event, some of them can only be obtained in specific ways. The following ingredients are needed for the event:

  • Powdered Sugar
  • Coffee Beans
  • Mint
  • Fresh Cream
  • Nuts
  • Liqueur Filling
  • Cocoa Powder

These ingredients, like the Chocolate Molds, can be obtained by completing events around Mirroria and by opening chests. If you don’t feel like working for these ingredients, they can also be bought from the Chocolatier. The prices of these ingredients are all three Mira except for Cocoa Powder which costs two.