Unlimited Opportunity quest guide – Genshin Impact – Ivanovich friendship level

He’s pretty cranky.

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Unlimited Opportunity in Genshin Impact is a Meteoric Wave quest during the Unreconciled Stars event. You will need to complete all the previous Meteoric Wave quests to get access to it.

While the quest itself is very easy, involving a merchant’s plan to pick some flowers, there is one part that is catching out a lot of players. Ivanovich, a merchant in Liyue, has a plan to get some flowers from near one of the fallen meteorites. Despite the dangers, he thinks they could be worth a lot of money, and he asks for your help.

Where it gets awkward is that his friendship level can drop dramatically during the dialogue portion when you first find him. It will start at 2.5 out of 5, and can drop dramatically if you pick the wrong options. While this doesn’t seem to impact the mission in any way, people are curious about which options they should choose to keep their friendship level from tanking.

After the friendship meters appear, the following groups of dialogue options will play out.

  • There will be a lot of monsters, you know. – no change to the friendship level
  • I‘m sure others have had this idea… – friendship level reduces
  • You’ll faint if you touch those meteorites – friendship level increases

The next set of options is as follows:

  • You’re doing pretty well for yourself. There’s no need to take risks. – friendship level reduced
  • Are you sure you can find matching ornaments? – friendship level unchanged
  • Perhaps you could go to the¬†Adventurers’ Guild… – friendship level increased

The final set of dialogue options are as follows:

  • But the people who buy those ornaments will… – friendship level will increase
  • Those meteorites are very heavy. – friendship level unchanged
  • Will the Millelith even let you go? – friendship level reduced

The rest of the mission is very basic, just go to the marked waypoint, grab the flowers, kill some monsters, and then bring them back to the merchant.