How To Unlock Chrom In Super Smash Bros Ultimate

 How To Unlock Chrom In Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Image via Sony

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the most complete game in the series thanks to all 74 playable characters in the roster (and more is coming via DLC). Some characters have already been in previous games in the series, and among them, you can find Chrom, from the Fire Emblem universe.

Chrom is currently one of the most powerful characters in the game: a lot of pro players, like ZeRo, have him in their top tier.

Unlock Chrom In Super Smash Bros Ultimate

If you know how to play him, you could be unstoppable. “Unfortunately” Chrom isn’t very simple to use, but luckily enough he is very, very, simple to unlock.

How to unlock Chrom

Like every character in the game, there are two ways to unlock Chrom (not considering the adventure mode, since you can use characters unlocked in this specific mode only in this specific mode): fight in Smash mode or try to find him in Classic mode.

Unlock Chrom playing Smash mode

In the first case, easily, you should know that a “hidden” counter gets reset around every 10 minutes, so every 10 minutes a new challenger approaches you and there’s a good chance that he could be Chrom!

Unlock Chrom playing Classic mode

The Classic mode in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate works a little weirdly: with certain characters, you’ll unlock the fight only with a certain challenger.

There is a little chance that you can face a specific opponent when you complete the classic mode with your character of choice.

For example: if you complete this particular mode with Link you have more chances to encounter Young Link.

So, you can increase your chances to unlock Chrom by completing Classic mode with Yoshi until you meet Chrom.

As usual, you need to beat him. If you lose the fight, you can check about every 10 minutes the “Games and more” menu’s section until a button with a gate’s shape appears.

If you press it, you can play one more time against a character you’ve previously met, and try to unlock him.