All 7 Secret Achievement And How To Unlock Them


Cuphead has got many achievements to unlock, but the interesting ones are the Secret Achievements. In total, there are 7 Secret Achievements in Cuphead like Selling Out – where you have to surrender yourself to the boss, High Roller – to unlock this you will have to collect all the coins in Cuphead. Below we have listed All 7 Secret Achievements in Cuphead and tips to unlock them easily.

Cuphead Secret Achievement

Tips To Unlock Secret Achievements

Secret Achievement 1: Selling Out (Give in to the Devil)

How to unlock it: After beating the Dice Head Boss and you get to the end at the Devil in “One Hell Of A Time” and have a conversation with The Devil. “Well, well, well… look how far you’ve come! Not only did you bust up my good-for-nothing lackey, King Dice…but I see you’ve got my soul contracts, as agreed! Hand’em over, and join my Team!” On which you will have the choice to answer YES or No.

If you answer yes you will get into his team and will get the secret achievement Selling Out and the game will be finishing with a bad ending. But don’t worry, if you reload the saved file you will be back at the Inkwell Hell while having the same percentage of the game completed as before which states that the game is not been finished.

Secret Achievement 2: Swing Your Sinner (Defeat the Devil)

How to Get: As you get to the end battle and select No as your answer for not surrendering the Soul Contracts. Battle will start with the last boss, after defeating him and winning the battle, you will get the Swing Your Sinner achievement and even the Souls Saved.

Best Power and Weapons recommended:

Slot 1: Single Shot gun (First Shooting gun in the game)

Slot 2: Spread shoot

Dodge/Charm: Invisible

Super: Invincibility

Achievement 3: Rolling Sixes (Defeat King Dice without taking a hit)

How to unlock: This achievement can be collected by defeating the Boos in world 3. He is a bit difficult one to defeat as every time, he rolls a dice, you will have to jump on it to make the Dice stop from 1-3. And accordingly, the scale behind the dice will take to the different level to fight. You will only have 2 chance where you can have 2 heart and if your day is bad and you stop at the second last option then you will have to start playing from the very beginning of the fight. And once you finish all the fights and reach to FINISH then you will have to fight the last battle with the Dice King itself. For complete detail on how to defeat the Dice King and Wind the Achievement do refer to our complete walkthrough on World 3 of Cuphead into the Boss fight section All Bets Are Off: Tips To Defeat King Dice.

Achievement 4: Cutting Corners (Find the Shortcut)

How to Get: We have mentioned about this Secret Achievement in our World 1 All Hidden Coin Locations guide. Do refer for complete Details.

Achievement 5: High Roller (Get every coin in the game)

How to Get: To have High Roller unlocked you will have to collect all the secret coins. We have made a complete and detailed guide for each level and World, so do refer our Cuphead Wiki Coins Location section.

Achievement 6: Bravo Zulu P-26 (Defeat a boss using only the mini-plane bullets)

How to Get: For Bravo Zulu P-26, we have created a complete guide to help you out on how to get this achievement for sure. But do keep this in mind that for this you will have to only use Mini Plane Bullets to kill the Boss. And there are total 5 Phases of the Boss.

Achievement 7: Pacifist (Complete all levels without killing an enemy)

How to complete: Pacifist achievement will not only let you have the achievement but will also unlock some bonus for you as well. For this, all you need to do is complete all the run and gun level without killing any of the enemy and bosses. For detailed information do look to Secret Mode (Pacifist) Walkthrough.

Bonus Unlocked: Once completed you will have the opportunity to see the world as the Turtle can see in, complete Black and White.

That’s all for this All Secret Achievement Guide. Do have a look at our Cuphead Wiki for more information.