Untitled Goose Game – How To Get Dressed Up In A Ribbon


Untitled Goose Game is all about being an angry, annoying goose. While people try to go about their day, it is your job to mess with them and generally make them hate life. Break stuff, hide things, make people fall over; all the things you’d expect to do being a goose. Sometimes, however, you want to look good, and what could look better than getting dressed up in a Ribbon?

Untitled Goose Game – How To Get Dressed Up In A Ribbon

Get Dressed Up In A Ribbon

In the Back Gardens area, one of the tasks on your to-do list is to get dressed up in a ribbon. To do this, make your way to the woman’s garden by untying the loose section of fencing marked by the yellow twine. When you get inside, head for the top of the garden and make a bit of a mess. Pull the drawer out of the desk there, causing it to fall over, then honk to get the woman’s attention.

Now, go back to the bottom of the garden to find a statue of a goose with a ribbon. Grab the ribbon off the figure and drop it on the ground, then grab the statue and drag it behind the plant pots near the wind chime so the woman can’t see it.

Next, go back to the statue’s previous location, and interact with the spot to look like the statue. From there, honk. The woman will come to investigate and see the ribbon on the ground. She picks it up and puts it on you, thinking you are the statue. It might take her a little while to get there. She might focus on cleaning up your mess you used to distract her.

And that’s it. You have now gotten dressed up in a ribbon and can move on to a new task on your to-do list.