Untitled Goose Game – How To Complete All High Street Tasks


Untitled Goose Game is here, and it is time to be a nuisance. In this guide, we will show you how to complete all the tasks in the High Street area. So, get ready to get up to no good!

How To Complete All High Street Tasks

Break The Broom

To break the broom, go to the stall in the high street. Grab the broom, then carry in front of the woman at the stall. When she tries to grab it, don’t let go until the broom breaks.

Make Someone Buy Back Their Own Stuff

Grab the airplane off the bench, without the boy seeing you, and drag it up to the shop. At the bottom of the street, you will find a glass bottle. Grab it to put it on your beak, then chase the boy while honking to make him go towards the shop. His plane is there, and he will need to repurchase it from the shopkeeper.

Make the Boy Wear the Wrong Glasses

Grab the glasses from the shop and bring them down, dropping them near the boy. Then grab the glass bottle against the wall, and wait for the boy to take off his glasses. Honk when he does this. He will drop the glasses, allowing you to grab them. He will then pick up the wrong glasses and put them on.

Trap the Boy in the Phone Booth

As soon as the boy puts on the glasses, honk again with the bottle and chase him into the phone booth.

Get on T.V

The boy will ring the person in the shop beside the phone box, and they will rush out to help. Run inside and press the red button near the door to change the T.Vs to internal cameras.

Go Shopping

This part is pretty easy, drag the basket across the street, so you don’t get spotted by the shopkeeper, then grab the items. You’ll need to go up the street and knock over the bin to get the toothbrush inside it.

Trap The Shopkeeper In The Garage

The shopkeeper will open the garage to grab an item after you finish the “Get on TV” part. Just grab a carrot and run inside, when they follow you run back out and grab the cord on the way to trap them.