Untitled Goose Game: How to Score a Goal


Getting the leaderboard of any game is going to drive every player to the edge of insanity. Players might find themselves finding difficulty in getting to the scoreboard in Untitled Goose Game when they seek out the goal post they need to find in the game to get the soccer ball through. Here’s how you do it.

Score a Goal in Untitled Goose Game

The first thing you need to do is locate the soccer ball on high streets. You’re going to find it in the middle of the road, or the young boy is going to kicking it back and forth. If the young boy is playing with it, honk or flap your wings at him to scare him away. He’s terrified of you, and he’s not afraid to run in the other direction. Drive him away and steal the ball for yourself.

With the ball, you want to take it to the back gardens. This area is the one with the man and the woman hanging out in their yards. The man is sipping tea or reading his newspaper, while the woman is wandering around completing small tasks in her garden. You have two choices: you can bring the soccer ball through the back gardens into the man’s backyard, or you head there and open up the woman’s gate. If you open up the woman’s back gate, you can sneak the ball inside much easier, but it’s a longer route, and you need to run around the left side of the map, not the right.

When you go up the right side, you’re going to want to pull apart the fence boards to get into the man’s yard. When you’re in his yard, run down to the side and remove the fence part before bringing the soccer ball inside. It’ll give you a straight path into the woman’s garden.

When you’re in her garden, you need to score the goal. The goal is the metal chimes on the lower left side of her garden. They’re going to make noise when you push the ball through it. The task is going to take a bit of time to complete, but if you have the patience, you should complete it no time.