Untitled Goose Game: The Toothbrush Location

While you’re running around town as a Goose in Untilted Goose Game, you’re going to get tasked with needing to locate a toothbrush on high streets. You need this item to complete the shopping task list. You won’t find it in the woman’s shopping stall, and the young boy is not carrying it. The developers have cleverly hidden it away.

The Toothbrush Location in Untitled Goose Game

Where to find the Toothbrush in Untitled Goose Game

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You can trip the young boy as many times as you want to, but he’s never going to drop a toothbrush in his pocket. The same goes for the female shopkeeper. You can try causing her tons of trouble and root around her stalls for a toothbrush. However, it’s not there.

Instead, you need to go to the right-back section of the high streets and start rooting around there. You’re going to find a small child’s play area with a pair of walkie-talkies. These can come in handy if you want to draw the woman away from her stall, but that’s not why you’re here. You’re here for the real prize: the garbage can.

That’s right. Go over to the trash can and knock it over with your beak like the troublesome Goose you know you are. When you topple it over, you’re going to discover a toothbrush comes out. If you don’t see it immediately, try dragging the trash can a bit away from where you initially toppled the can over, and you’ll see an orange toothbrush.

Grab it and take it over to your shopping cart, checking that item off of your shopping list.