Vampyr Ending Walkthrough – Patient Zero & Healthy Carrier

In the last chapter Second Opinion after dealing with McCullum Jonathan was able to find Dr. Sawnsea. But he was unhappy with this experiments that leads to tough choices. In this chapter Patient Zero, Jonathan has to build a antidote for which he will require to locate three ingredients. After crafting it there will be final boss fight and then the game ends with the last chapter Healthy Carrier. There are multiple endings in the game, that appears depending on the way you played.

Patient Zero

This one is a short chapter where you have to play two main quests, Antidote, and Guinea Pig.


Return to the theater, and visit Lady Ashbury’s house. Jonathan will tell Lady Ashbury about Dr. Swansea’s experiment that leads to Skal’s epidemic in London. After talking to her, you will see the list of things you have to find for making the Antidote. And this is the final part of the game, so if you have any side quest left to play that first. You cannot return back once you move forward. You have to find the ingredients of antidote and you will see three markers on the top of the screen.

Ingredients for Antidote:

  • Drop of William Marshal Blood from Lord Redgrave – You can find him at the Ascalon Club. Follow the blood trails and fight with the vampire there. The problem with the first one you will face is he can heal himself. So you have to be quick. Use an ax against him. After killing him, meet Lord Redgrave and talk to him.
  • Drop of King Arthur’s Blood from Geoffrey McCullum – You will find him at the Stonebridge cemetery located in Blackwall Fauborg. If you had spared him, then he will be found fighting the monsters. Talk to him and he will give you the blood drop.
  • Insulin from the Old Morgue of Pembroke Hospital – Return to the hospital, there will be a lot of hunters inside. Insulin is kept in an office on a tablet near the window.

Once you have all three head to the hideout first to craft the Antidote. And then you have to visit the Skal’s hive at the Embankment Sewer for the final boss fight of the game.

Guinea Pig

At the sewers you will have to locate Harriet Jones, just follow the Blood Trails. In your path, you will have to talk to Mysterious Entity. You can ask a question about your existence and then ask about stopping the final boss. Once it disappears you will see a cutscene that will reveal the final boss. There will be two avatars of the final boss one is Disaster Harrier, where you will be facing something similar to Doris, and in the second one, she will turn into a Red Queen.

Harriet Jones Boss Fight:

Battle 1 – Disaster Harriet

Once the fight begins to maintain a distance, she will throw her left arm towards you and she will also vomit on you. You have to stay avoid to avoid infection. Look for the yellow smoke as she vomits. She will be vulnerable after every arm attack and that is the time you can hit. Watch for the gas cloud, the best time to attack when she pulls her arm back. Keep dodging away the fight will be long. In the end, she will release a huge cloud of gas so stay away, she will disappear and emerge back from the pool of blood.

Battle 2 – Red Queen’s Avatar

After the health bar is empty she will transform into a Red Queen. Compare to the previous version this one is easy to tackle. Because it is slow. You just have to dodge her fist attacks. She can create an explosion from below and summon blood clones. So try to avoid the same. When the boss summons blood clones she is more vulnerable. She will also rise in air and slam on the ground just dodge the attack. Keep following the simple tactic. Dodge away when she attacks, stay away from the blood clones and explosion. Once you have to window jump toward her and attack.

Once the boss fight is over you will see Old Bridget. There will be a cutscene, which means the end of Vampyr. Old Bridget will tell you her story and in the last chapter, you will talk to Lady Ashbury.

Healthy Carrier

In this final chapter, there won’t be any fight. You will see a castle, you can enter it through the broken wall on the left side. The first thing you will see is the mysterious entity. Go to the main room that has a huge painting and uses the Vampire senses. You will see a sword and a moon, press them to get a secret path to the basement where you will find Lady Ashbury. Talk to all the characters you find in the basement, and then there will be the final ending depending on the choices you make. Below are the four possible endings you might see.

Vampyr Ending 1 – Lady Ashbury Kills Herself

This appears if you had killed the majority of the citizens in the game. This will lead a lot of district to a hostile status. After talking to Lady Ashbury she will jump in the fire killing herself.

Vampyr Ending 2 – Jonathan & Lady Ashbury lives together

If you had not killed any citizens in the game then Lady Ashbury will not die. Jonathan and Lady Ashbury will move into the woods to find the cure for the illness of Lady Ashbury.

Vampyr Ending 3 – Lady Ashbury & Jonathan stays in the castle

If you had killed a few citizens and Aloysius Dawson, then you will see that Lady Ashbury will not trust Jonathan. In the end, she will look Jonathan inside the Lady Ashbury’s estate and work together to find the cure for her.

Vampyr Ending 4 – Vicious Ending

For this ending Jonathan has to accept Elisabeth’s death without trying to save her. You have to kill every one and collapse all the districts. You will have to turn McCullum into a vampire.

Depending on what choices you picked you will see a different ending. In case you find something unique you can comment below. For more updates on the game please read our Vampyr Wiki guide.