Vampyr Wiki – Walkthrough, Collectibles, Tips And More

Vampyr is an action role-playing game where you play as Jonathan Reid. A doctor by profession he is mysteriously turned into vampire. He accidentally killed his sister and later tries to find who is behind all this. A flu has been destroying the city and many citizens were turned to monsters. Jonathan is on a mission to find the source of infection.

Vampyr Wiki Guide


Vampyr has 7 chapter and each of them has the different main quest. There are boss fights in between.

  • Prologue: This one is the beginning part, after turning to the vampire as Jonathan you will play some short mission and discover your vampire abilities.
  • White Coat: This is the second chapter where Jonathan finds Dr. Swansea who offers him a place and a job. This act as a platform for Jonathan to investigate the infection and his situation.
  • Family History: Jonathan moves forward in finding out the cause of murders in the city. He founds a close connection of his family member behind the murder. There is two tough boss fight in this chapter.
  • Rising Fever: In this chapter, Jonathan joins the secret Ascalon Club and later he is on a mission to find the source of two infection which leads to another boss fight.
  • Second Opinion: In this part, Jonathan will have to do a task for Ascalon Club which will determine whether he will stay in the club or not.
  • Patient Zero & Healthy Carrier: This is the end part of Vampyr where Jonathan finds the source of infection and goes for the final boss fight. Also there are multiple endings in the game.

How To’s

  • Get Experience Points And Level Up Fast: Guide where you can find how to fast earn experience points in Vampyr and level. You will have to do certain tasks.
  • Unlock And Upgrade Skills: In Vampyr you will have a skill tree, the more you upgrade the better you can perform in the fight. Throughout the game, he needs to upgrade and unlock new skills based on how you choose to develop his character.
  • How To Get Blood: As a vampire, you will have to suck blood/collect blood from different people and enemies to increase your own life and to also unlock new skills and stats. In this guide, you can find tips related to that.
  • Ultimate Skill Guide: Check out the complete list of skills, their upgrade cost and how to get them.
  • Defeat Sewer Beast In Vampyr: Tips to defeat one of the toughest boss in Vampyr.
  • Win Game Without Killing Anyone: There is way you can complete the game without killing or biting any citizen in the game.

Collectibles, Achievements & Tips

  • All 30 Lore Keeper Documents Location: By finding the Lore Documents you can learn more about the world of Vampyr and unlock the “Lore Keeper” trophy.
  • Crafting Medicine Guide: Medicine plays an important part in the game if you want to keep the citizen’s of London alive. For that, you need to use your vampiric senses to cure NPCs by crafting medicine.
  • How To Get Bloody Roots: The Bloody Root is the biggest secret in Vampyr. It consists of a puzzle that on solving unlocks the Bloody Root Achievement and a powerful weapon in the game.
  • Life is Strange Easter Egg: Tips to find Life is Strange Easter Egg in Vampyr game.

Investigations – Side Mission