What is a Voidout in Death Stranding?

There are a lot of terms getting thrown around in Death Stranding. For those who have played Hideo Kojima’s previous game franchise, Metal Gear, the vast amount of unique vocabulary getting thrown around is commonplace. However, those who are taking their first steps into Kojima’s world may not know what to expect. A term that comes up every so often is Voidout. The word ties into the world of Death Stranding, and it’s an important one for everyone to understand, especially Sam.

What is Voidout in Death Stranding?

There are a handful of people in the world of Death Stranding who can return to live. These individuals are called Repatriate, and it allows them to recover from the dead by finding their body in the afterlife — however, those who cannot return from the dead stay deceased. But if an individual gets killed by a BT, they have to get burned, or they’re going to cause a Voidout.

Essentially, a Voidout is when the body of the deceived individual begins to deteriorate and become this black ichor if they do not go into an incinerator. If they cannot get incinerated in a reasonable amount of time, they’re going to explode, and they cause this massive black crater to form. It’s not an explosion of a grenade, mind you. A Voidout has the potential to level a small city and destroys everything around it. That’s why when a porter carries a body to an incinerator, it’s imperative they do so in a timely fashion.

Players get a chance to see a Voidout during the first hour or so of the game when Sam also visits the other side. Sam gets roped into helping a small team of people deliver a body to an incinerator, but they get ambushed by BTs and crash. Shortly after Sam returns from the dead, there’s a massive crater where things were, showing the devastation of a Voidout.

Later in the game, there’s a chance for players to cause a Voidout by dying to a BT. When they do, and they return from the dead, there’s going to be a large, massive crater nearby with a large force of air pushing out from the middle. Players cannot access this area because of much they are getting pushed back, and they can see debris rising from the center.

For those who want to avoid creating a Voidout, make sure to keep on your toes when facing off against BTs. These supernatural creatures are deadly. If you do cause a Void Out, you can see the aftermath remains on the map where it happened. It leaves behind a dark spot where it happened, so you’ll always remember where it happened.

Good luck with Death Stranding, porters, and make sure you stay prepared on your journey. You never know what you’re going to deal with when you go out to make deliveries.