Wakako’s Favorite gig – Cyberpunk 2077

Everyone loves their job.

Wakako is a favored fixer for you in Cyberpunk 2077, and she’s willingly helped you out and set you up with plenty of jobs. One of her people has gone missing, and she knows that they wouldn’t turn on her, and wants your assistance to figure out what’s happened.

Chang Hoon Nam’s hideout location

To start the gig, you need to approach Chang Hoon Ham’s hideout. You can find it close to Japantown’s center, slightly to the south of the district’s center.

How to get into Chang Hoon Nam’s hideout

The front of the hideout is a restaurant, and if you follow the waypoint of the quest, it’ll lead you to the backdoor. You can only open this door if you have six points in body. If you can directly open the door using those points, you’re good to go. For those who don’t have enough, there’s a dumpster to the left of the door. Jump on that, and then the vent, to make it to the second floor. There’s a door on the second story that lets you into the hideout.

When inside the hideout, mines are protecting the doorway to the basement. Deactivate these mines, and then proceed forward. You may need to use your scanner, but you can disarm them manually if you have at least five points in technical ability. When you reach the basement, you’ll find Chang Hoon Nam in a chair, and when you approach him, the screens to the left of him change to, “Help me.” Johnny’s here, too.

How to find out what happened to Chang Hoon Nam

You need to find out what happened to Chang Hoon Nam to get him stuck in that chair. Proceed to the laptop on the table, the left of the chair, and access the messages. Go through them all, but you only need to read the first one. After that, pull away from the laptop, and follow the quest directions to go with the lights. There’s a door in the room that you can only open if you have 20 points in body, which we did not. Because we did not, we followed the lights to a door that read “exit” on the floor. Approach it, and access the area below.

There will be several mines that you can disarm or use your scanner again if you have six points in technical ability. When you arrive at the new area, grab the shard on the ledge, and the door behind you opens up. Proceed over to Chang Hoon Nam, and insert the shard. He’ll wake up, and you can speak to him about what’s happened.

After you ensure Chang is okay, you can leave the area. Wakako will call you to commend your work and then closes the contract, sending you the payment.