Warcraft 3: Reforged singleplayer cheats

Only a fool plays fair.

Warcraft 3: Reforged

Warcraft 3: Reforged has kept an important aspect of the original game, and games of the era it is from, intact. The humble cheat code returns, and it lets you become immortal, one-shot enemies, and make yourself incredibly rich. 

Because Blizzard wants to keep all things fair, in the war, at least, you can only use these codes in the campaign or offline custom maps. To use a cheat code, hit Enter, type the code in the chat window, then hit Enter again. Correctly doing so will result in a message that says “Cheat Code Enabled,” if you don’t get that message, check your spelling and try again.

AllYourBaseAreBelongToUsInstantly wins the game
DayLightSavingsSwitches from between day and night
DayLightSavings [Time]Sets your preferred time of day
GreedIsGoodReceive 500 gold and wood
GreedIsGood [Amount]Receive the specified amount of gold and wood
IocainePowderFast death and decay
ISeeDeadPeopleReveals the entire map
ItVexesMeDisable victory condition
KeyserSoze [Amount]Receive a specific amount of Gold only
LeafItToMe [Amount]Receive a specific amount of Wood only
LightsOutChange time to evening
Motherland [Race] [Level]Level Select
PointBreakRemoves the food limit
RiseAndShineSets time to morning
SharpAndShinyUnlock all upgrades
SomebodySetUsUpTheBombInstantly lose the game
StrengthAndHonorKeep playing after losing in campaign mode
SynergyDisable tech tree requirements
TheDudeAbidesFaster spell cooldowns
ThereIsNoSpoonInfinite mana
Unit One-Hit KillSelf-explanatory
WarpTenBuilds and units are constructed faster
WhoIsJohnGaltFaster research

Remember, cheat codes are generally included as a bit of fun from the developers, who use them to debug and check various aspects of the game. While they can make things a lot of fun, you should play the campaign normally at least ones, because it is a classic title that provides a quality experience.