Warframe Dante Unbound Update Release Date, New Warframe & Weapon

The Warframe Dante Unbound Update builds upon what Whispers in the Walls started, giving players even more to enjoy.

warframe dante unbound update featured image

Image via Digital Extremes

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The Whispers in the Walls update for Warframe gave players a glimpse at some of the deepest lore in the game’s universe. The next update, Dante Unbound, will add to that and give players a new Warframe for their collection too.

To kick off 2024 with a bang, developer Digital Extremes revealed the Dante Unbound Update for Warframe. It’ll feel like an extension of what Whispers in the Walls was and give players even more stories to dig into in their favorite MMO. However, details are scarce and hard to get hold of because they’re being breadcrumbed through teases and mentions in developer livestreams. That’s why we’ve collected all the details together here.

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When is the Release of the Warframe Dante Unbound Update?

dante head concept art warframe
Image via Digital Extremes

The Warframe Dante Unbound Update will be released in March 2024. We don’t have a confirmed date just yet, but Digital Extremes did reach out to Gamepur to tell us this release window is final. We’d expect to see the update launch towards the end of the month, giving players something to get stuck into over the long Easter Weekend in the UK. With cross-save progression enabled on all platforms, there’s no reason any fans should miss this next big content drop.

What is the Dante Warframe?

dante warframe in warframe
Image via Digital Extremes

Dante is the new Warframe being added with the Dante Unbound Update. He’s a male caster who has. His own Grimoire weapon is called Noctua. He floats across the battlefield and has two attacks that he pulls from that book, the Book of Life and the Book of Death.

Dante’s ultimate is called Final Chapter, which varies depending on what attacks players used before popping it. This means they can combine the two books he uses as attacks in any way they want for a different ultimate that will make him viable against all sorts of foes.

Digital Extremes also confirmed that Dante would have a wizard hat alt upon release in the livestream where the update was first revealed. We love this because it shows that his very serious Warframe can still be fun.

What Does the Dante Unbound Add to the Story of Warframe?

dante concept art warframe
Image via Digital Extremes

It’s unclear exactly what the Dante Unbound Update will add to Warframe’s story at the time of writing. Digital Extremes explained that Dante was lost at one point, but now players have access to an infinite amount of knowledge in the Entrati Labs; they can find him again.

Dante cataloged everything the Orokin did, so it’s likely players will learn more about the origins of the system and what was going on before it all fell apart through this update.