Warframe Glassmaker puzzle – Fifth crime scene solution

The final piece.


Image via Digital Extremes.

In the new Nightwave series in Warframe, you will need to explore a crime scene to find clues. The fifth and final crime scene has finally arrived in the game. After you have found all the clue locations, you will need to collect Cephalite Resonance to interact with the murder victim.

When you do this, you will be whisked away to a new area and will need to solve a jumping puzzle. Platforms will appear with words or symbols over them, and you will need to jump to the correct platform each time. There will be three options each time, and you need to select the right one to progress in the puzzle and learn more Glassmaker lore.

The good news here is that the clues you found in the crime scene will show you the correct way to go. The clues are generated from a random pool for each player, so we cannot give you the exact answer to your own puzzle, but we can show you where to find the correct answers on each piece of evidence that you have already collected.

Step 1

For us, this step was the Glass Shard, so pick which one of the three you got here. One of them is blue energy matrix, while the other looks like some form of nebula.

Step 2

The next step for us was the number on the Orokin Shackles.

Step 3

After that we had the Weave Conduit. You need to focus on the blue pattern in the center to find the matching one.

Step 4

The Ceremonial Weapon was our fourth step, there are three different types that are obviously different, so jump to the platform that matches the type you go.

Step 5

The final step was the Orokin Legem. This one was quite confusing, but one of the shapes had a vague simularity to the body of the item.

You have a limited time to make the jumps, and if you miss them, you will need to collect another 5 Cepehalite Resonance to get back to the puzzle again, so be careful.

When this is all complete, it is boss fight time. You will need to jump from platform to platform, dodging the glass shards the boss throws at you. When one sticks to the ground, pick it up and throw it at the large floating crystals on the outside of the arena to shatter them.

Shatter the right one and his shields will drop, then you can throw the shards straight at the boss to damage him. This is a three phase fight, all of which follow that mechanic.

You need to be careful, as the boss swings his giant sword at you, and can shatter the platforms, so this one is challenging for people who may be poor at jumping.