Warframe – Nightwave Ascendant Challenge, How To Complete Halls of Ascension


In Warframe, the Halls of Ascension are puzzle rooms that can be found on Lua. Solving them will get you some interesting mods that can be important for certain builds.

Halls of Ascension

The Halls of Ascension can randomly spawn during many of the missions on Lua. You can never be sure which ones will spawn in a mission. As such, it helps to become familiar with what each room looks like so that you can identify it in the game. There are seven Halls of Ascension in total.

  • Agility Test
  • Collaboration Test
  • Cunning Test
  • Endurance Test
  • Power Test
  • Speed Test
  • Stealth Test

While many of these rooms can be completed solo, it is better to do them with other people. If you are new to these rooms, you might also get lucky and have an experienced player in your squad to help you through it.

Now, the methods by which these rooms are unlocked and completed is pretty complicated and is something that just works better in video than in text, in my experience.

As such, I would urge you to check out this video by Youtuber iFlynn. He does a great job of explaining each of the rooms, and how to solve them. He does this in real time, with no edits, so you never miss any details.

Remember, you only need to get 4 of these Halls of Ascension completed to finish this challenge! As such, if you run into one that is just too tough, you can simply skip it. You can also do the same room over and over again, and it will still count towards the challenge.