Warframe – How To Activate Creator Mode


Creator Mode in Warframe is a special option you turn on to hide certain aspects of the game. Streamers, YouTubers, and other content creators are going to get the most out of this feature. It prevents them from revealing spoilers in the game that some newer players may not know about when they first start watching.

Warframe – How To Activate Creator Mode

Creator mode

Activating Creator Mode in Warframe is easy. Go to Options, then Gameplay and Creator Mode will be the fifth option down on the menu. You can toggle it on or off.

What Does Creator Mode Do

Creator Mode hides some of the game’s common spoilers based around the missions that you have done. Sometimes story missions open up new dialogue and narrative explanations in the game which act as spoilers for people who have not played those missions yet. With Creator Mode active, those various spoilers get hidden.

Various transmissions also remain hidden, as these can have the same sort of spoilers within them. Finally, your email in the login screen gets hidden while you’re broadcasting should you end up starting the stream before you login.

Generally speaking, the Warframe community is outstanding when it comes to trying to hide spoilers from new players. Because some of the reveals during the story missions are so impacting and surprising, this mode helps to accommodate that by allowing creators to worry a little less about ruining other people’s experience.