Warframe – How To Get The Akarius, Gauss’ Signature Secondary Weapon


The Akarius are dual pistols that use burst-fire to deliver explosive payloads at high speeds. They have a high-status chance and unique trait where they reload faster while you are sprinting. When Gauss is using them, they will reload even faster. The explosive payloads include a minimum arming distance to ensure Tenno do not accidentally damage themselves in combat.

How To Get The Akarius Pistols

The Akarius pistols blueprint drops from defeating Demolisher Infested on the Ur, Uranus node while playing the Disruption game mode. With a 1.25% drop chance, they are quite rare. The node should be played in a group of four to maximize both enemies spawns and efficiency of clears to ensure the best chance of getting them.

Resources Need To Build Akarius

To build Akarius, you will need the following resources:

  • 20,000 Credits
  • 3 Neurodes
  • 150 Hexenon
  • 1600 Polymer Bundles
  • 7500 Nano Spores

The weapon has a 12 hour build time, like pretty much all weapons in the game. It can also be purchased from the Market for 225 Platinum.

Akarius Stats

  • Mastery Rank 8
  • Trigger Type – Burst
  • Fire Rate – 4.24 Rounds per Second
  • Accuracy – 26.7
  • 10 Rounds per Magazine
  • Reload time of 3.4 (base, this can be reduced with the weapons passive)
  • 68 Impact Damage
  • 419 Blast Damage
  • Crit Chance – 6%
  • Crit Multiplier – 1.8x
  • Status Chance 28%