How To Get The Paris Abra Skin In Warframe

For a limited time, you can get your hands on the Paris Abra Skin in Warframe, thanks to a new Gift of the Lotus Mission. The Paris is a weapon that many players run into quite early, so having a shiny new skin for it might appeal to a lot of new players.

The Paris is a bow weapon that does high Puncture damage, and also comes with a Prime Variant. It has good Critical Chance, and an innate Punch Through on charged shots. Like most bows in the game, it is a silent weapon, making it ideal for missions where you don’t want to alert any enemies.

The Blueprint for the Paris can be purchased at the Market for 20k Credits.

How To Get The Paris Abra Skin

To get the Paris Abra Skin, just go to your navigation screen, then click on the Alerts section. Pick the Gift of the Lotus mission that offers the Paris Abra Skin as a reward, and you are good to go.

The mission takes the form of a ten wave Defense, against the Grineer. Enemies will be between Level 10 and Level 15, making this a pretty trivial mission unless you are very new to the game. It takes place on Earth, at the Eurasia node, and will reward the Paris Abra Skin and 10k Credits upon completion.

While the Paris is far from the best bow in the game, a free skin is a free skin, and the fashion game is pretty strong with this one. This mission will only be available for about a week, so if you want it, be sure to grab it before time runs out.