Warframe – Nakak And Operational Supply | Operation Plague Star Rewards


Nakak is an NPC in Warframe. Located in Cetus, he normally sells strange masks and is tied into the Revenant Quest. During Operation Plague Star, he runs the Operational Supply Syndicate, and by ranking up with him, you can earn access to great Plague Star rewards.

You can gain standing by performing the Plague Star bounty for Konzu, then go to Nakak to rank up or use the Standing to buy some of the event rewards that he will have available.

Nakak Operational Supply Ranks

Operational Supply has three ranks that you can reach during the Plague Star event. You will start as Neutral.

  • Collaborator – it costs 1000 Standing, 5000 Credits, and 10 Grokdrul to reach this rank. (Tier 1)
  • Defender – it costs 3000 Standing, 10000 Credits, and 10 Iradite to reach this rank. (Tier 2)
  • Champion – it costs 6000 Standing, 50000 Credits, and 10 Nistlepod to reach this rank. (Tier 3)

Each rank will give you access to one free reward from the relevant Tier when you reach it, and you can buy the rest with Standing. Standing for this Syndicate is earned by running the Plague Star bounty for Konzu.

Operation Plague Star Rewards

Operation Plague Star Rewards

There are some pretty amazing rewards for ranking up the Operational Supply Syndicate during the Plague Star event. These include the Plague Akwin Blueprint, the Plague Keewar Blueprint, the Plague Bokwin Blueprint, and the Plague Kripath Blueprint. You can use these to build Zaw components and make extremely powerful melee weapons. You will need to hit the rank of Champion to get access to them, however.

At Rank 1 you can buy the Eidolon Phylaxis Blueprint (useful for earning more standing from the event), the Snipertron Blueprint, and the Ether Daggers Blueprint. At Rank 2, you will get access to the Exodia Contagion Arcane, and the Exodia Epidemic Arcane.

That should be everything you need to know about Naka, Operational Supply, and Operation Plague Star Rewards. Best of luck during the event, Tenno!