Warframe Nezha Prime release date and Prime Access details



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Update: Nezha Prime is now live in the game, and you can find a list of the Relics you will need to farm to build him here.

Original Article: Nezha Prime is firewalking into Warframe very soon. The next Prime Warframe will release on October 27. As always, you will be able to purchase the Nezha Prime Access pack, or get your farm on and find the various relics you will need simply by playing the game.

As for the time of the release, we normally expect these new Primes to arrive in the game between 14:00 and 15:00 ET / 15:00 and 16:00 CT, but that is never guaranteed.

Nezha Prime looks amazing, as all Primes do, but this one is definitely a standout. The basic shape of the Warframe has been kept largely intact but made much more ornate with the traditional golden Prime filigree that we all know and love. Nezha is certainly one of the most fun Warframe in the game, combining huge tank potential with rapid move speed and solid crowd control to be something of a jack of all trades.

As always, the Warframe will be accompanied by some weapons. This time, it’s Guandao Prime and Zakti Prime. Guandao is a polearm weapon, combining range and solid damage and critical stats, although tempering them somewhat with lower attack speed. The right build will easily counter this, turning you into a spinning whirlwind of death.

Zakti is one of the top weapons in the game for Condition Overload Priming, inflicting enemies with status effects and using that to buff your melee damage through the use of the Condition Overload mod.

Nezha Prime Access details

Nezha Prime
Behold: the Scion of the Burning Wind, donned in his most courtly accouterments. Featuring altered mod polarities for greater customization.

Guandao Prime
Engineered for the divine to reap a harvest of lives.

Zakti Prime
Unleash waves of gas damage with a smattering of spiny, toxin-filled flechettes.

Nezha Prime Glyphs
A show of devotion to Nezha Prime.

Nezha Prime Accessories

– Ransha Prime Armor
– Baurahn Prime Ephemera
– 90-Day Affinity Booster
– And for the first time ever, a 90-Day Resource Amount Booster!