Warframe – Nightwave Series 1 Guide


Nightwave is a new rewards system in Warframe. It is replacing the old random Alerts system, giving players more control over the in game rewards they can get. Previously, Alerts were easily missed, as being at work, school, or just AFK meant you might miss out on those time limited missions. This new system aims to give players the power to work towards the items they want, when they have the time to do it.

How Does Nightwave Work

Nightwave Acts

Nightwave is an ongoing pirate radio broadcast hosted by a new NPC, Nora Night, the eyes and ears of the Origin System. Each Nightwave series unfolds over multiple weeks, bringing new rewards and narrative progression each time. Series 1 is all about the Wolf of Saturn Six, the only person in the system to have ever escaped from Saturn Six Max-Pen prison.

You can earn Standing with Nora Night by performing Acts, specific daily and weekly challenges, in order to unlock limited-time rewards.

Each Series allows you to earn standing with Nora to rise through the Reward Tiers. You can unlock power items, exclusive cosmetics or a currency called Wolf Cred with each new Tier you reach. There are 30 Tiers in total, and you will need to complete all of them to earn all the rewards. You can access the Nightwave menu in the bottom right of your Navigation menu.

Nightwave Series 1 Exclusive Rewards

Nightwave Series 1 Rewards

Series 1 includes a host of cosmetics, mods, and materials that you may find interesting. There are some absolutely standout rewards though, and you will want to work towards these.

  • Saturn Six Armor Bundle – The signature armor of the Wold of Saturn Six.(Tier 30)
  • Umbra Forma – Applies the Umbra polarity to any Warframe or Weapon. (Tier 29)
  • Wold Howl Emote – Summon the pack with this exclusive emote. (Tier 26)

Nightwave Cred Offerings

Nightwave Cred Offerings

You can earn Wolf Cred by completely Acts and ranking up through the Tiers. Wolf Cred allowed you to purchase former Alert Rewards from the Cred Offering screen. These includes things like Nitain Extract, Weapon and Helmet Blueprints, Catalysts, Reactors and rare Aura Mods such as Corrosive Projection. A total of 300 Wolf Cred can be earned by completing daily and weekly Acts. Even more can be earned once you get to Tier 30.

Wolf Cred must be redeemed before the end of the Series, so be sure to snap up the items you want before it is over!

That is all we have on Nightwave at the moment, but as we learn more about it over the coming days we will be expanding this guide. Now, time to grind those Tiers!