Warframe – How To Get The Pumpkin Head Dullahan Mask 2020

A classic.


Nothing looks better than a Pumpkin Head mask in video games. It’s a classic Halloween theme that works so well in games. Thankfully, Warframe developers Digital Extremes agree, and the Dullahan Mask once again returns so you can (pumpkin) spice up your life in the game.

Warframe – How To Get The Pumpkin Head Dullahan Mask

Pumpkin Head Mask Dullahan

Getting the Dullahand Mask Pumpkin Head is easy. All you have to do is go the Market, type “Dullahan Mask” into the search bar, and then purchase it for a single credit. The Market console is on the right side of the front of your Orbiter.

To equip the mask, go into your Arsenal, then select Appearance, and then Attachments. At the bottom of the Attachments menu, you will see Auxiliary. Go in there to equip the Pumpkin Head Dullahan Mask.

Once again, the menus you need to navigate are:

  • Arsenal
  • Appearance
  • Attachments
  • Auxiliary

You can also pick up the Halloween color palette for a single credit if you don’t have it already. Finally, the numerous Day of the Dead skin packs are back on sale. These include skins for dropships, weapons, and even different cosmetics to give your loadout a sweet Halloween feel.

For anyone wondering about the name Dullahan, I have some new information for you. The Dullahand was a type of fairy in Irish mythology, generally depicted as a headline rider, on a black horse, who carries his head under his arm. The legend would spread and give rise to the idea of a Headless Horsemen who had a fiery pumpkin for a head. The pumpkin is not part of the original myth because no pumpkins grew in Ireland at the time. The Dullahan pulled a wagon and used a human spine to whip his horse, and was thought to be a manifestation of death, calling away people’s souls to the afterlife.

So there you have it Tenno, some spooky background for the Dullahan Mask.