Warframe Scarlet Spear Arcanes Guide – which Arcanes should you grind for?

Where to spend your credits.


Image via Digital Extremes

Warframe’s Scarlet Spear event is a solid opportunity to grind for some Arcanes. Normally locked away behind the Eidolons, players who don’t venture out onto the Plains of Eidolon at night will now have the chance to get their hands on some pretty powerful Arcanes. Knowing what to buy from Little Duck is helpful, so in this article, we will run through some of the best Arcanes that you can get from the event to add a little more power to your build.

Remember, it takes 21 Arcanes to get to Rank 5, and we will be showing the Rank 5 stats below. The table below is in order of Tier, with what we consider to be the top priority in the first slot. The Scarlet Credits cost shown below is for a single Arcane.

ArcaneScarlet CreditsEffect at Rank 5
Grace40009% chance for +6% Health reg/s for 9 seconds when health is damaged
Energize400060% chance to replenish Energy to nearby allies on Energy pickup
Guardian150015% chance for +900 armor for 20 seconds on being damaged
Barrier40006% chance to instantly restore all shields when shields take damage
Aegis20003% chance for +30% shield recharge for 12s when shields are damaged
Nullifier1000+102% chance to resist Magnetic damage, perfect against Eidolons
Strike150015% chance for +60% attack speed on Melee weapons for 18s when you hit something

There are other Arcanes available that would work very well on niche builds, but the above are the important ones if you are just at the point in the game where you are starting to explore the impact Arcanes can have on you build.

Now, it’s a good idea to prioritize these based on how many Scarlet Credits they cost, if you prefer to go after them that way. The higher the Scarlet Credits cost, the higher the tier, and the deeper into the triple Eidolon fight, you need to get a chance of them dropping normally. That’s a lot of time, or a lot of Platinum to get a full set. Being able to bypass it all is one of the best aspects of the Scarlet Spear event.

Make sure you check out all the available Arcanes, as there may be a specific one there that works well with your favorite build, but you can’t go wrong if you get Tier 5 versions of all the above.