Warframe – What Is The Hemocyte Cystolith?


Operation Plague Star is back in Warframe, which means people are once again finding Hemocyte Cystolith. Plague Star tasks you with saving Cetus from the Infested. You need to go to Konzu, grab a special Plague Star bounty, then take on the large boil that has grown out on the Plains of Eidolon.

Part of the fight can mean taking on the Hemocyte, and when you kill one, it can drop the Hemocyte Cystolith. But what is Hemocyte Cystolith, and what is it used for?

What Is Hemocyte Cystolith In Warframe?

Hemocyte Cystolith

The Hemocyte Cystolith is a special drop that you get from killing the Hemocyte. It is a building resource that you need to build the event’s Clan Trophy in your Dojo. You cannot sell it for credits, and you cannot trade it to other players either. The only purpose it serves in the game is as a resource to build the Clan Trophy from the event, that is it.

If you are part of a Clan, make sure you are picking them up each time you kill a Hemocyte, as you Clan may be trying to build the trophies!

If you do want to build the trophy, you will need the following amount of Hemocyte Cystolith for them.

  • Terracotta – 10 Hemocyte Cystolith
  • Bronze – 25 Hemocyte Cystolith
  • Silver – 50 Hemocyte Cystolith
  • Gold – 100 Hemocyte Cystolith

There will also be a multiplier that is applied, depending on your Clan size. The multiplier is as follows.

  • Ghost Clan x 1
  • Shadow Clan x 3
  • Storm Clan x 10
  • Mountain Clan x 30
  • Moon Clan x 100

And that is it, everything you need to know about the Hemocyte Cystolith that drop during the Plague Star event. Best of luck fighting the Hemocyte, Tenno!