Warframe – Wisp Build Guide (3 Forma)

Wisp was introduced to Warframe in the Jovian Concord update. She is a very solid Warframe, mixing great team buffs with excellent movement skills, some solid and useful crowd control, and even a bit of tankiness and damage of her own. She is an ideal Warframe to buff a defense team, and don’t sleep on the impact she can have on the rest of her team.

Wisp Abilities

Before we talk about the build, we need to run through Wisps abilities quickly. Her Reservoirs are incredibly powerful, buffing her entire team. Constantly placing Reservoirs is an important part of her game. Wil-O-Wisp allows for great movement, Breach Surge inflicts a long duration blind on enemies, and Sol Gate will output decent damage, while still allowing you to move.


Choose and summon a Reservoir filled with Motes that attach to and aid Wisp and her allies. Haste Mote (Green) grants increased movement and attack speed. Vitality Mote (Red) increases maximum health and heals over time. Shock Mote (Blue) stuns nearby enemies.


Cast forward a spectral image of Wisp to confuse and distract enemies. Reactivate to travel to its position. Hold to have the image travel faster and teleport to its position on release.


Open a dimensional breach to overwhelm nearby enemies and cause them to release aggressive Surge sparks when damaged.


Open a portal to the sun to irradiate enemies with a devastating beam of pure solar plasma.


Flowing between dimensions Wisp becomes invisible to enemies while in the air.

Wisp Build (3 Forma)

Wisp Build (3 Forma)

This is a three Forma build. I was originally thinking about a 5 Forma build, but so far this build has proven to do everything I need it to do. I will more than likely go into a 5 Forma build over the next week or two, but this is a great build to try out. The build focuses on bumping her Strength, to really taking advantage of those Reservoir buffs. I was originally using two Umbral Mods but opted to use all three after I had put that third Forma on and created enough capacity to do it. They offer a really solid foundation to Wisps powers and stats. Some people seem to lean heavily into buffs, while others seem to be trying full tank builds, but I like this middle ground.

I’m not worried about Efficiency at all. The Zenurik focus tree basically means you can make free energy at all times, and her constant movement, even while casting her ultimate, means you are constantly picking up energy orbs. Even with the low Efficiency of this build, spamming abilities shouldn’t present any issue. I went with Power Drift to add just a little more Strength, as I really wanted those Reservoir buffs to standout. This build gives them about 44 seconds. In static missions, you never need to recast, and mobile missions are not a problem because getting three Reservoirs down is so fast. You can, if you wish, switch out Augur Secrets with Augur Messenger for more duration, bumping the uptime of the buffs to about 50 seconds, but I haven’t found it necessary at all. Another variant would be to drop Secrets and put Adaptation in the open polarity slot if you want a bit more tankiness for end game activities.

I’m really enjoying the build, finding it to be a great middle ground for just about everything Wisp can do well. The main thing is that those Reservoir buffs are strong, this should really be the heart of any Wisp build that you make.