Weekly Mythic Affixes in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands: December 29

Swallow your pride and a few other potions.

Image via Blizzard

Week 4 of Mythic Affixes are going live in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands dungeons. This includes one specific Affix that we haven’t seen since the third season of Battle for Azeroth. Let’s get into the list below.


Affix 1 is Tyrannical, which gives a 40% health boost to all bosses in the dungeon. It also increases the damage from bosses and any of their accompanying mobs by 15%. With this Affix applied, you’ll need to up your DPS game and ensure that your healers are paying close attention to everyone’s health.


If you played through Emissary of the Tides and remember Beguiling, this is pretty close. Inspiring will give Inspiring Presence to certain mobs in each run of a dungeon. For these enemies, any other enemy within 15 yards will take on the Inspired effect, which negates any crowd control efforts. This makes for a difficult time for tanks, thanks to the pairing of Inspiring and Necrotic (see below). You’ll need to choose between interrupting the Inspired enemy or pulling it.


Necrotic is a handful. All enemy attacks will apply a stacking blight that inflicts damage every two seconds while reducing healing and absorption by 2% for nine seconds. You might want to tip your tank by the time the dungeon run is over, especially with a boss like Gorechop, who is relentless against your tank and spits out two mobs at a time when he brings in minions.


The seasonal affix is Prideful, which gives your party more than just bragging rights. After killing 20% of the trash mobs through a dungeon, your party will summon a Manifestation of Pride, with a base health of about 189,000. This will scale up if your keystone level is higher than 10. When your party takes down the manifestation, Prideful grants a 30% boost to damage and healing, a 60% increase to movement speed, and 5% mana restoration every five seconds.