West Tek location in Fallout 76

Beware the robot hordes.

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There are a ton of locations that you will eventually make your way to in the wastelands of Fallout 76. Some locations are quite easy to reach and you will want to access them right away while others will take some time to get to. The West Tek Research Center is one of those areas you may want to avoid until your character has amassed a decent number of levels. After all, this area is highly dangerous. Make sure to bring some damage-resistant armor when you go.

West Tek Research Center location

The West Tek Research Center is one of the easier areas to find on the map. This is thanks to it being marked by a hospital-style building on the map. This area stands out in the world since there isn’t much around it as well.

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You can find the West Tek Research Center south of the National Isolated Radio Array in the Savage Divide region of the map. The Savage Divide region of the map is the tan strip of land that runs between the Forest and Mire Regions.

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What to do at West Tek

West Tek is a place you may actually visit quite frequently. You will come here as part of the Steel Reign quest line. The mission that brings you to this area is called The Catalyst. You will also come here as part of an ally quest for Sofia if you decide to complete her quest line. If you like to participate in the Daily Ops missions, West Tek makes an appearance on occasion.

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The West Tek Research Center is filled to the brim with Super Mutants that will not be happy to see you when you arrive. Make sure to have good damage resistance before coming to this area. This area is a great location to gather items to scrap for junk and is especially good if you are looking for steel scrap. The cultivars in the building have crops that you can harvest. You can also find both a magazine and bobblehead in this location.