What are Far Cry 6’s Ubisoft Connect Rewards?

Spend your Units on some digital goodies.

Like every Ubisoft game in recent years, Far Cry 6 is linked to the Ubisoft Connect service. Ubisoft describes it as “the ecosystem of players services for Ubisoft games across all platforms.” What that actually entails is gameplay statistics, challenges, and rewards. Some of these awards are free, while others cost Units that are gained by leveling up on Ubisoft Connect, which can be done by completing challenges. But what are the rewards for Far Cry 6, and are they worth the price of your hard-earned Units?

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There are nine Ubisoft Connect rewards to choose from, each in varying tiers of rarity. What you can unlock ranges from weapons to in-game money.

RewardUnit Price
High-Caliber Beats (legendary light machine gun)100
Mixtape (epic sniper rifle)60
Basic Materials Pack30
Chorizo ChibiFree
Far Cry 6 Ubisoft fan kitFree
Fighting Fury BundleFree
Fire and Ice BundleFree
Revloución BundleFree
Yara Pesos PackFree

Unlocking all of the Ubisoft Connect rewards for Far Cry 6 means that you’ll have to spend a total of 190 Units. If you’re short on Units, you’ll need to complete challenges in order to get some EXP. For every 500 EXP points, your profile’s level will increase. 10 Units are rewarded with every level, 20 Units are rewarded with every 5th level, and 50 Units are rewarded with every 5th level.