What are the available multiplayer playlists in Halo Infinite?

You’ve got options for days.

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Halo Infinite has been incredibly successful. Its multiplayer beta’s growing pains weren’t enough to stop the Halo train from speeding at full force. It may have launched with a limited playlist selection, but today, it features many more modes to suit different players’ moods. What are Halo Infinite’s current multiplayer offerings?

Halo Infinite features the following multiplayer playlists:

  • Quick Play: Quick play encompasses a variety of 4v4 modes. These include slayer, capture the flag, one flag capture the flag, strongholds, and oddball.
  • Bot Bootcamp: This is a training ground in which players face off against AI bots across slayer, strongholds, capture the flag, and oddball matches
  • Big Team Battle: This is Halo Infinite’s largest playlist, featuring the game’s largest maps in matches of 12v12. The playlist includes unique big team battle modes such as stockpile and total control as well as large variants of capture the flag and slayer.
  • FFA Slayer: This is exactly as it sounds. It’s standard free for all with six players.
  • Team Slayer: Team slayer is the standard 4v4 Halo team deathmatch experience. No objectives. Just racking up kills.
  • Tactical Slayer: Think of this as a stripped back team slayer without shields, motion trackers, or equipment. Matches consist exclusively of the trusty old battle rifle with precision taking point.
  • Fiesta: This is team slayer, but with random weapon and equipment spawns for every individual player.
  • Ranked Arena: This is your standard ranked mode as seen in other modern online shooters, which assigns your ranking based on placement in matches. Ranked arena consists of oddball, strongholds, capture the flag, and slayer modes.
Screenshot by Gamepur