The best places to fish in Diadem in Final Fantasy XIV

Weather conditions, bait requirements, and locations for Diadem fishing

FFXIV Diadem Fishing

Diadem fishing is back for Shadowbringers in Final Fantasy XIV. Heavensward-era fishers have fond memories of farming Retribution Staff, but Stormblood gave little reason to fish here. In Patch 5.21, Diadem returns, providing supplies for the Ishgardian Restoration.

Whether you’re leveling fisher for the first time or aiming for a spot on the Ishgardian Restoration leaderboards, Diadem has the fish you’ll need.

Diadem bait

The Merchant & Mender at the entrance of Diadem sells two kinds of bait: freshwater and skyfishing bait.

If you’re below level 45, you’ll need to pick up Goby Balls, Midge Baskets, or Butterworms. If you’ve unlocked Skyfishing at level 45, you’re able to go for bigger fish (and bigger point totals.) For these legendary fish, buy the special Diadem-only bait: Diadem Ballon Bug, Diadem Red Ballon, Diadem Crane Fly, or Diadem Hoverworm. Pick up a stack or two of each to make sure you’ll have the right bait for Umbral weather.

Leveling fishing

There are two spots in Diadem that are specifically for leveling: Northern Lake and Southern Lake. If you’re below level 45, this is where you’ll want to be.

The Northern Diadem Lake is located at X:10, Y:9 in the northwestern corner of the map.

FFXIV Diadem Fishing

Southern Diadem Lake is at X:10, Y:31 in the southwestern corner of the map. Just like the Northern lake, you won’t be able to use any of the Diadem skyfishing bait here.

Fishing weather conditions

As with all Final Fantasy XIV fishing, weather plays a huge role in which fish you can catch at any given time.

Four kinds of weather can occur in Diadem: Umbral Flare, Umbral Dust, Umbral Levin, and Umbral Tempest. This corresponds with the four available skyfishing locations: Blustery Cloudtop, Calm Cloudtop, Swirling Cloudtop, and Windswept Cloudtop.

To maximize your points for Ishgardian Restoration, make sure to fish with the right bait in the right location during the right weather. These legendary fish are worth a considerable amount of points.

Regular weather

During regular weather, the best place to fish is the Calm Cloudtop. Aim to catch Cloud Cutters and use Mooch or Mooch II. You’ll either hook a Vampiric Tapestry with a medium tug (!!) or a Gobbie Mask with a light (!) pull. Double-hook the Gobbie Mask for a big payday: each Gobbie Mask is worth 1580 points and 40 skybuilders’ scrip.

Umbral Flare

During Umbral Flare weather, fish at the Blustery Cloudtop (X: 31.8 Y:11.0) using Diadem Ballon Bugs to have a chance at a Cometfish.

Umbral Dust

In Umbral Dust, the legendary fish is Anomalocaris. Cast a line using Diadem Red Balloons as your bait at the Calm Cloudtop (X:28.9 Y:31.8.)

Mortal Kombat X

Umbral Levin

The fish of the hour during Umbral Levin weather is Rhamphorhynchus. Use a Diadem Crane Fly at the Swirling Cloudtop (X: 13.1, Y: 24.9.)

Umbral Tempest

During Umbral Tempest, catch the legendary Dragon’s Soul at the Windswept Cloudtop: X: 29.7, Y: 16.3. It’s a legendary tug (!!!) caught with Diadem Hoverworms.