What are the supported controller options in Mario Party Superstars?

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The Nintendo Switch has a variety of different control methods for you to play its games. With its various modes of play come multiple controllers. If you are playing in handheld mode, you are most likely using Joy-Cons. If you are on television, you may prefer the Pro Controller. Whatever way you like to play, the Switch is flexible. With that in mind, the Mario Party series has had an interesting history with controls, so where does it stand in Mario Party Superstars?

Unlike Super Mario Party, which could only be played with a single Joy-Con, Mario Party Superstars has all button controls so you can play with dual Joy-Con, a Pro Controller, or a single Joy-Con. Additionally, the Nintendo Switch Lite can now use its controls. The game is completely accessible from any of those methods.

While Super Mario Party was a fun time and had great uses for the Joy-Con, it being stuck with only one Joy-Con as its lone input method meant Nintendo Switch Lite users could not use the controls on the console itself. You were stuck connecting a Joy-Con and then setting the console down, but it did not have a kickstand and did not work with the Switch dock. Mario Party Superstars being a celebration of the Nintendo 64 games, probably played a huge role in ensuring everything could be played with any configuration of controllers.