What are the Ubisoft Connect challenges for Far Cry 6?

Level up your Ubisoft Connect profile by completing these challenges.

Far Cry 6 offers numerous rewards players can receive by spending Units on the Ubisoft Connect service. Unfortunately, some of them can be pricey. You’ll need to level up your Ubisoft Connect profile in order to gain more Units, and you’ll level up for every 500 XP points you have. Here are all the Ubisoft Connect challenges that Far Cry 6 offers to give you some huge XP points.

ChallengeObjectiveXP Reward
Just Getting StartedComplete an Operation50
Junior Treasure HunterComplete 5 Treasure Hunts50
Escape from Isla SantuarioComplete the Operation “Libertad Rises”50
Innovation in AutomationTake out 15 soldiers with the Auto-Turret50
Stick Them with the Pointy EndTake out 10 soldiers with Throwing Knives or Throwing Axes50
Safety FirstCollect 10 pieces of Head Gear50
Winner Winner Chicken DinnerWin 3 Cockfights50
Street RacerWin a Gran Premio50
Cruisin’ Y.A.R.A.Win 3 Gran Premios50
Dale AguaWin 5 Dominoes games50
Master TacticianComplete 5 Bandido Operations100
War of AttritionComplete 20 Operations100
ResistorCapture 10 FND Bases100
CheckmateCapture 20 Checkpoints100
The Show Must Go OnComplete the Operation “Guerrilla Radio”100
Good Boys Get TreatsComplete the Operation “Who’s a Good Boy?”100
Cock of the WalkFind 6 Roosters100
Pack AnimalAcquire 3 Supremos100
DIYAcquire 5 of Juan’s Resolver Weapons100
The Three AmigosRecruit 3 Amigos100
Puzzle PowerFind 10 Criptogramas Charts100
Quite CharmingCollect 15 Charms100
Rockin’ in a Free YaraFind 5 USB Sticks100
Spared No ExpenseComplete the Special Operation “Mesozoico”100
Freeing YaraComplete all Operations250
ReclaimerCapture all FND Bases250
Expert Treasure HunterComplete all Treasure Hunts250
Bad IntelComplete the Operation “Paradise Lost”250
GrenadierKill 15 soldiers with epxlosives250
Ten Piece NuggetsFind 10 Roosters250
Reign SupremeAcquire 6 Supremos250
IngeinousAcquire all of Juan’s Resolver Weapons250
Gun CollectorCollect 30 Custom or Overclocked Primary Weapons250
GunslingerCollect 5 Sidearm Weapons250
Charmed, I’m SureCollect 30 Charms250
Paquete CollectorFind 10 USB Sticks250