What are tractor weights for in Farming Simulator 22?

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Farming Simulator presents you with all sorts of equipment that you might not understand unless you work in the farming industry. Most of this equipment comes in the form of large machinery that you can usually work out how to use without much instruction, while other pieces are baffling. This guide will explain what tractor weights are and how to use them because they seem entirely pointless.

Even distribution

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The idea with a tractor weight is to give your machine more pull and help it better level out where the weight is distributed while you’re working in a field. You generally wouldn’t use one for harvesting, but if you’re cultivating, sewing seeds, or spraying, you could put a weight on the front of your tractor to help it pull machines through the soil and get the job done quicker. If you’re using a tiny tractor to pull full loads of grain, the weight can help avoid any nasty accidents too.

You can buy tractor weights in the in-game store, and they’ll also come packaged with the bundles of equipment you can buy for each area of farming. So if you feel like your tractor is struggling in some instances, it’s likely because you need to add weight to the front of it to help it work that much harder.