What are Warmind Cells in Destiny 2?

Utter destruction.

Destiny 2

The Warmind Cell is something of a secret weapon in Destiny 2, capable of creating devastation among your enemies, but it still seems to be something that many players don’t know much about.

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With the right combination of weapons and mods, enemies can drop a Warmind Cell upon death. You can then shoot this glowing orange orb, and it will explode, doing huge damage to enemies in a massive radius. It is actually pretty ridiculous, completely clearing rooms of low-level enemies if you get lucky.

To get this synergy to work, you will need a Seventh Seraph weapon, or the newly minded IKELOS SMG 2.0, which was brought back to the game with the Season of Arrivals. You can get this weapon from Umbral Engrams. You will also need a Warmind Cell mod. The one you will most likely already have is Global Reach, a Gauntlet mod that was automatically unlocked for all players last season.

Equip the Warmind Cell mod, and start killing things with your Seventh Seraph weapon, and watch the easy kills rack up when those Warmind Cells start to drop. The damage they do is enough to easily kill lesser enemies, and it also seems to ignore walls and cover at the moment, although this is bound to change in a future update.

If you don’t have any Warmind Cell mods, you will need to check in with Banshee at the Tower every day, as he can sell them sometimes, and they really are a must-have due to the strength of this synergy in the game right now.