What can’t you do on a limited job in Final Fantasy XIV?

Limited jobs may have too many limitations after all.

Image via Square Enix

Jobs like blue mage in Final Fantasy XIV are known as limited jobs. Unlike normal jobs such as paladin, monk, and red mage, blue mages operate on their own sets of rules. Due to the varied amount of spells they can learn, blue mages could completely decimate any content balanced for normal jobs. Blue mages have spells to significantly reduce their damage taken, heal up the damage they do take, freeze groups of enemies, inflict multiple status ailments, and tons more. So even though they have a lot of freedom with their special content, blue mages are severely limited in other aspects of the game.

Restrictions on limited jobs

  • Level-capped separately from normal jobs — blue mage originally released with a cap of level 50 while normal jobs were capped at 70
  • Can’t progress through main scenario quests
  • Can’t practice against striking dummies in Stone, Sky, Sea
  • Can’t participate in the Hall of the Novice
  • Can’t change retainer jobs to limited jobs
  • Can’t use the Duty Roulette or participate in non-premade Duty Finder content
  • Can’t enter dungeons with Squadrons
  • Can’t enter Deep Dungeon
  • Can’t enter the Forbidden Land, Eureka
  • Can’t undertake Ultimate raids
Image via Square Enix

The most frustrating restrictions are freeform content like the Forbidden Land, Eureka. Blue mage has tons of potential for fun in places like Eureka. But the devs insist these duties are not balanced for overpowered player shenanigans with limited jobs. Those shenanigans are what would make the content so entertaining, breathing new life into older duties. Unfortunately, the devs aren’t up for taking risks like that, leaving everyone stuck with these numerous restrictions.

While it’s nice to experiment with jobs like blue mage, the restrictions put a damper on things. The devs have plans to bring more limited jobs in the future. Considering everything we can’t do on a limited job, it’s easy to question the value these jobs bring to the table. The potential is there, but the execution feels half-baked. For some, the pros just won’t outweigh the cons.