How to get Lobsters in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Only the finest ingredient.

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There are plenty of different ingredients that you will end up finding as you progress through Disney Dreamlight Valley. These ingredients can be found in many different locations from trees to the seas. One of the more difficult-to-find items in the valley is Lobster. These crustaceans aren’t where you would expect them to be. Here is how you can get your hands on Lobster in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to find Lobster in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Like Shrimp, Lobsters in Disney Dreamlight Valley are considered seafood. Hearing this, you would probably think to check the ocean for them. Unfortunately, no matter how much you go fishing in the ocean, you won’t end up finding any Lobsters. It is time to look elsewhere.

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To obtain Lobsters, you will need to open the pathway to the Glade of Trust. The Glade of Trust is the area on the map to the southeast of the Peaceful Meadow. This location is rather dark and filled with purple mushrooms that you might not be able to destroy yet. Removing the Night Thorns that block the entrance to the Glade of Trust will cost you a few thousand Deamlight.

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Once you gain access to the Glade of Trust, check the rivers and ponds for fishing nodes. You will be looking for orange nodes. These are the rarest to find but they are also the most rewarding. Orange fishing nodes in the Glade of Trust are the only ones that can give you Lobster. Gathering up Lobsters is worth it to make some great meals as well as to sell since they are worth a large sum of money.