What do dolphins eat in Minecraft?

Minecraft dolphins are seafood lovers.

Finding a Dolphin in a Lukewarm Ocean in Minecraft

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you are hunting for shipwrecks or ocean ruins in Minecraft, knowing what type of food dolphins like to eat might come in handy. Similar to gaining a wolf’s trust with pieces of raw meat, dolphins will provide aid in your search for underwater treasure chests if you manage to find and feed one. Additionally, staying near these aquatic creatures grants you a boost that enables you to swim faster in the water, similar to the haste buff granted by a conduit.

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How and what to feed dolphins in Minecraft

Green Particle Effects after Feeding a Dolphin in Minecraft
Screenshot by Gamepur

As expected of an aquatic carnivore, dolphins in Minecraft eat fish. When you give a dolphin a fish, you will know that you fed it successfully when green particle effects appear above the animal. Afterward, it might happily swim around you before heading to an underwater treasure chest, if any are nearby. Unfortunately, you cannot mount or ride these “tamed” dolphins, but their swimming buff should be helpful in exploring any submersed points of interest. Remember that they do not provide a buff for your Water Breathing, so be sure to keep an eye on the bubble bar beside your stats.

What food do dolphins eat in Minecraft?

The internet, most community sources and YouTube videos, claim that raw cod and raw salmon are the foods you can use to feed dolphins in Minecraft. However, based on our testing, we discovered that dolphins also eat the cooked variants of salmon and cod. Moreover, the lukewarm ocean dolphins we encountered consumed pufferfish and tropical fish.

Feeding a Beached Dolphin in Minecraft
Screenshot by Gamepur

Therefore, it is safe to say that any type of fish is acceptable for feeding dolphins. Of course, there is no way to know if the aquatic mammals prefer one fish over the other, as the same green particle effects appeared for each feeding session with all fish. Regardless, always be sure to have several fish in your inventory if you plan on befriending dolphins in Minecraft.